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Henderson promote 6 new property which about 2000 units in year of "dog"


New Year home improvement is 68888 HKD Aberdeen Tin Wan project headshot gun

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Leung Yue Qin) Dog years approaching, Hengdian plans to sell three years in the Year of the Dog residential real estate sales, involving about 1,100 units, together with the two previously announced this year to push real estate projects, constant This year, a total of at least 6 new developments will be launched, totaling more than 2,000. During the Spring Festival, Henderson Land will offer Spring Property Offers to more than 220 of its 5-storey properties in Hong Kong and distribute 10,888 to 68,888 dollars in cash to buyers.

Lin Da-ming, general manager of Henderson Property Agency (I), said that the recent stock market volatility is only a medium-term adjustment and will soon stabilize. Home buyers look at the long term and property market will not be affected.

Dayton project 500 second-hand sale in the second quarter

He added that the department will launch three new residential developments in the Year of the Dog. Among them, the Aberdeen Tin Wan project will be a year-long new project for dogs, providing about 100 units. In the second quarter, the project to sell Yuen Long Tai Tong will be provided with about 500 sets of small and medium-sized flats. The consents to pre-sell uncompleted flats will be put into operation. The third quarter will also launch the Peel Street project in Hung Hom. Small and medium units.

He pointed out that the Ma On Shan Ying Sea Series sold more than 90% of the total proceeds and cash of about 30 billion yuan. There are now about 107 more. The tender will be sold in batches by tender, including 49 special households. 1,450 square feet four-bedroom double mansion, named "Haitian name mansion."

After the Lunar New Year sale of duplex units

Thomas Lam Tat-man said that as the Spring Festival approached, the department's full-line real estate market opened as usual. Henderson Property Agency Sales (a) Senior Vice President Li Dexiang means to greet the new year, its five real estate launch Yifeng Haoshixing HexinYear-old offers, including the Ma On Shan Ying Hai Series, Quarry Bay Jun Hao Feng, the West Camp Properties Hanlin Feng, the North Point Jun Yu Feng and Shang Yu, a total of more than 220 partners, from February 14 to March 5, Sea Series Penthouse Duplex or Garden House or Haitian Mingdi four-bedroom, buyers receive a value of 68,888 HKD Lee is; purchase Junhao Peak, Hanlin Peak, Jun Yu Feng and Shang Yu two or more rooms receive a value of 20,888 Lee is ; Purchase of open-style, one-room or one-room store worth $ 10,888 Lee is.

Mr Kwong Tak-kuen, Managing Director and Chairman of Evergrande Property Development said that Wong Nai Chung One Luenang sells more than 90% of its flats and cash of about $ 1.1 billion. The remaining 8 partners and 2 duplexes have a market capitalization of about $ 300 million to $ 400 million. One duplex unit will be sold by tender, the fastest after the Lunar New Year launch. He said that one of the two groups of duplex units together with furniture, renovation costs nearly 800 million, will refer to the Mid-levels special units prices. As for the real estate 8 standard households earlier average increase of 8%, will be on sale today.

He pointed out that the project has seven parking spaces and costs from 3.8 million yuan. The sales arrangements will be uploaded next week. Duplex units and three-bedroom units will have the right of first refusal. He added that the Group's four detached houses at 18 Cape Road, Southern District have a usable area of ​​about 5,000 to 6,000 square feet and will be launched in the fourth quarter at the earliest.

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