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New Territories one bedroom sold more than 10 million which is so crazy


Europe "After 80" Mai Po Arrogant Bay Howe 3 million spicy tax

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Hong Kong property prices unattainable, even if the sharp fluctuations in Hong Kong stock prices can still be insane. Tsuen Wan The Pavilia Bay proud Bay a one-bedroom property transaction price exceeded $10 million, becoming the first time in the New Territories have sold a house ten million yuan! It is learned that buyers from Europe after the "80" expatriates, the market is required to pay 30% spicy tax (about 303 million). Taking into account heavy taxation, the cost of entering the market is as high as about $ 13.12 million. In the meantime, the expatriate purchased a four-bedroom apartment at Pak Kiu Wan with an additional amount of $ 21,573,000. The two groups had to pay about $ 9.5 million in total spicy tax.

New World Tsuen Wan Pak Pui Wan Tsuen Wan 3 units sea view units, of which Block 1A, 57th Floor, Room C, a room with a salable area of ​​421 square feet, up to 10,006,000 yuan, foot price of 23,957 yuan, becoming the first time in the New Territories A house sold ten million yuan. It is learned that buyers from Europe after the "80" expatriates, the market is required to pay 30% hot spicy tax, involving about 3.03 million HKD tax. Taking into account the heavy tax, this time the purchase of the most expensive one-bedroom unit in the New Territories, the total market capitalization as high as about $13,120,000.

Throw 31.65 million even sweep two groups

The foreigner also bought 4 bedrooms in Room D, 49th Floor, Tower 1A yesterday. The salable area was 1,039 square feet and the transaction price was $ 21.573 million. The total amount of cargoes swept by the two groups was $ 31.659 million and the total amount of spicy tax was about $ 9.5 million . Sources said buyers love the project Linhai and the adjacent subway station superior geographical location, it is the second hand to buy a room and four-bedroom seaview. It is reported that a room will be used for rent collection, estimated monthly rental of about 20,000 yuan, four-bedroom home for self-occupation.

The floorDisclosure of the transaction price of a single room in March last year, announced the price list, priced at 11.797 million yuan, which is up for 14.5% of the discount, a discount price of 10.886 million yuan, nearly 40,000 HKD per square foot price, flats put flats for nearly a year finally Sold.

In view of the hot sales, the New World will raise its fares by 3% to 7% over the remaining 3 cargoes. Among them, Block 1A, 57th Floor, Unit D, is a four-room top-floor ocean view home with a usable area of ​​1,042 square feet and a price increase of up to 7%. Following the record high transaction price of four-bedroom and two-bedroom sets last Tuesday, the four-bedroom, two-bedroom, two-bedroom home is expected to hit a new high at 27,035 HKD per sq ft. The Pavilia Bay proud Bay cumulative sale of 972, over 9800000000 yuan, 11 units remaining units for sale.

Victoria Harbor Victoria recorded one million transactions

In fact, in recent years, more than 10 million new homes have been sold. Among them, Cheung Chau sold a flat of 8th floor, Room B, Block 6, the first admission to Victoria Harbor, North Point, early last year. The salable area was 437 square feet and was sold at a discount rate of $ 10.613 million. "Si Tai" Liang An Qi's Shangjia Real Estate in Wanchai One Ka also sold Unit A, 31 / F on January 2 this year for HK $ 14.5 million. The salable area is 420 square feet per bedroom and the price is $ 34,524. A record high property.

At the end of last year, the new site in Nanchang Railway Station Xi Xi also saw a million rooms deal, coaxing the whole city, but the transaction ended in a bad end. The unit is the third floor, Block B, 55th Floor, Room B, a real area of ​​349 square feet, on December 2 last year, a discount price of 10,308,200 HKD turnover, foot price of nearly 30,000 yuan, it is learned that the buyer is a 40 Aged middle-aged man, a local middle-aged man, was bought for rent because of his optimistic about the future prospects of the real estate. However, the buyer eventually wanted to leave the venue and the 5% deposit paid for the purchase price was confiscated by Xindi, with a loss of 515,000 yuan. The tart orders increased by 2%, has not yet sold.

蓺 蓺 221-foot households bid 10.3 million

Not only an area of ​​only three or four hundred square feet of one-bedroom price step by ten million, even only 221 square feet open-ended households have bid up to 10 million yuan. New World Property in Sai Ying 瑧 蓺 When the first price list was released in November last year, 50 units were open. Unit J, located on the 31st floor, priced at HK $ 10,034,000 and a price over HK $ 45,000 for open-plan units with a usable area of ​​only 221 square feet. Even taking the 20% discount offered by the developer, the discount price is still $ 802.7 million and the price is $ 36,300. However, the expensive nanometer floor has not been sold yet.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.