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Price of Square feet of Broadview Court near $1.3k, still is King of HOS


Pok Hong Ying New World Green Form Apartment Wang Lei East Sale 8136 Hong Kong second-rate

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Su Hongqiang) At the beginning of 2018, second-hand HOS flats and public housing markets continued the upward trend of last year and competed to challenge the new high. Aberdeen Broadview Court sold 12,749 HKD per square foot for the second home market, still is KIng of HOS and top three of the Green Table price per square feet. However, Pok Hong Estate, Sha Tin Public Housing Estate was sold at a price of $ 7,143 (not premium) and became the most expensive flat in the New Territories. Ap Lei Chau Lei Tung Estate recorded a price of $ 8,136 per sq ft (non-premium) transactions and became the second greenest public housing in Hong Kong.

According to the latest information released by the HA yesterday, the number of second-hand HOS flats and public housing transactions was temporarily recorded at 113 in January this year, down from 134 in December last year. However, the transaction prices continued to record highs during the period. Combined with the HA and market news, the top floor apartment of Broadview Court, Aberdeen, has a salable area of ​​422 square feet and was sold at a price of $ 5.38 million (without premium price). The price per square foot went up by $ 13,000 to reach $ 12,749. Refreshing the territory's Green Table HOS Ft Price Record.

Green table King of HOS, top three all is in Broadview Court

The record was also compiled by Broadview Court. Two high rise F rooms in the estates were redeemed for sale in May last year at a price of $ 12,393 at a price of $ 5,230,000 (without premium price) King "throw away the old record $356. It is worth mentioning that ARATSAW hit a record high of $ 12,275 (non-premium) in November last year to provide HOS prices for the third-ever Green Table in Hong Kong. This transaction means that Broadview Court arranged a green table HOS flat price list of the top three.

Meanwhile, a middle-class family of Tung Chung Yu Tung Court has a salable floor area of ​​597 square feet at a price of $ 4.65 million (without premium), which is equivalent to a price of $ 7,789 per sq ft. As a result,. According to information provided by the Land Registry, a high-rise E-suite with a usable floor area of ​​409 sq.ft. has been sold at a price of $ 5.95 million (already filled), equivalent to a price of $ 14,548 at the foot of the land registry. Looking up the information, the sale price of Po Ming Court in Tseung Kwan O last year was 14,929 HKD (already up-priced) at the highest price per sq ft of HOS flats in the New Territories.

The original owner of Bokang 16 times up 16 times

The overall growth rate of the public housing market is not so high. Comprehensive HA and market news, with a usable area of ​​490 sq ft and a gross floor area of ​​20 sq ft at Pok Tai House, Pok Hong Estate, Shatin, with a turnover of $ 3.5 million and a price of $ 7,143 per sq ft, In the New Territories, the price of flats in public housing tended to rise at a new high of $ 10 per sq m. It broke the old record of $ 7,133 recorded at Chang An Village in Tsing Yi this year. News that property is a legacy of goods. The original owner in 2002 to 206,900 HKD (non-premium) to buy, so far transferred property appreciation 16 times.

Meanwhile, a middle-class home in Lei Tung Estate, Ap Lei Chau, with a usable floor area of ​​381 square feet and a green table price of $ 3.1 million, is equivalent to a price of $ 8,136 per square foot, creating a new record high for footages of uncompleted public housing estates in Hong Kong Island. At present, The village of Lei Cheng Estate at Shui Po hit a record high of $ 9,013 at the end of last year. The above cases of Leung Estate are now ranked second in Hong Kong.

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