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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Feb: Average price per sq feet $10929 5.39%   (last month:$10370)
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MONTEREY feet 39,000 expensive Tseung Kwan O


Mainland customers more than 19 million spicy tax buy good heart

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Leung Yue Qin, Su Hongqiang) New real estate to reproduce the high transaction, Tseung Kwan O GRAND MONTEREY yesterday sold by tender tender 2A four four-bedroom, with a price of 39,000 yuan, creating a new record high and low price zone, the buyer For the mainland visitors. In addition, the new real estate this weekend is now a big melee, this Saturday alone there are five new properties for sale a total of 181 units.

The Wheelock real estate auction yesterday to 6,353.1 million tender sold Tseung Kwan O GRAND MONTEREY 2A, 17th Floor, Room A, with 4 bedrooms and 2 sets of workers' room, an area of ​​1,629 square feet, with 1,576 square feet rooftop and 215 square foot platform, Foot price of 39,000 yuan, a record-breaking Tseung Kwan O strata price high. The United Laboratories Ma Lik-cheng pointed out that buyers from the Mainland need to pay 30% of the property "spicy tax", involving a tax of more than 19 million yuan, plan to settle in Hong Kong, love the project landscape and neighboring international schools. The real estate yesterday also sold Unit 9B, 7th Floor, Unit C, an area of ​​547 square feet, priced at 10,419,000 yuan, foot price 19,048 yuan.

Wong Kwok-yao, executive director of Wheelock said that there are still three top-performing properties in the real estate market. The plan is still in the form of bidding and it is expected to reach a new high.

GRAND OASIS setting Press

Department of Kai Tak GRAND OASIS KAI TAK to implement the sale of 84 sets on Saturday, and set a large hand off period, the market value of about 1.16 billion yuan. Wong Kwong Yiu pointed out that this sale includes one to three-bedroom units, of which 70% are for home use. They are especially interested in three-bedroom units. Investors account for about 30% of the total, preferring one to two bedrooms. The real estate and the Meridian and the Central Plains Mortgage Bank co-launched the fixed-rate mortgage meridians mortgageLiu Yuanyuan, the chief vice president of the referral company, said that the first-year fixed-rate fix was 1.7%, followed by H + 1.3%, the upper limit was P-3.1% and the cash rebate was 1.7%. Owners can immediately enjoy 45% Poor discount.

Sun to sell two new buildings on Saturdays

Shinsei Deputy Managing Director Thunder said that Maanshan Yunhai implemented the sale of the third batch of 33 units this Saturday. Units include one-bedroom to four-bedroom units, as well as special-purpose households, ranging from $ 7.1 million to $ 19.8 million. Among them, the two bedrooms with garden-specific households for the foot price of 22,800 yuan. Xin Zhi, general manager of the new agency to Hu Zhiyuan means that this time only to arrange a group, each can buy up to 2 partners, this Saturday cut-off votes and pumping prayers. The real estate projects and 15 characteristics of households plans to bid this week for sale.

For other projects, the Thunder pointed out that the Betshun Hill in Mid-levels West, which cooperates with the New World, also implemented the first batch of 12 bears on sale this Saturday. As the project will be occupied after the Lunar New Year, most of the units will be retained for sale on the current premises. Chen Hanlin, general manager of Shinchi, said that all units in the group are two-bedroom units, with an area of ​​about 500,000 square feet and a total admission of about 16,500,000 yuan. There are no major arrangements for this sale.

In addition, the Thunder also refers to the sea of ​​clouds Villa (Sea of ​​Clouds II) to maintain the current floor sale, with the Department of Tai Po Pak Shek Kok Project Phase 1 is applying for pre-sale, the fastest sale this year.

Henderson Island real estate prices have gradually increased

Lin Da-ming, general manager of Henderson Property Agency (I), said Junfeng Peak in North Point pushed for a price increase of about 5% in the day and plans to launch the sale within the month. He said the project has received 130 votes since its offer last week, accounting for about 40% of its investment. He also said that with the same series of Hong Kong West Wing real estate Hanlin Feng and Quarry Bay Jun Hao peak will also be the fare increase this week.

In addition, Lhasa Branch of Kowloon Tong increased its fares by 13.3% and 16.5% respectively. Among them, units A2 and 3 on the rooftop duplex apartment A2, with an area of ​​5,295 square feet and 2,086 square feet of rooftop, saw an increase of 16.5% in price list price from $ 230 million to $ 268 million and a price of $ 50,614.

As for the New World, the 11th Floor, Flat A, Level 7, Block 11, The Parc Royale, Clear Water Bay was sold with 1,041 sq ft on the top floor and 1,399 sq ft on rooftop. The sale price is HKD41,235,000 and the price is RMB22,398 per sq ft.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.