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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Feb: Average price per sq feet $11058 6.63%   (last month:$10370)
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Yunhai shop paved Clearance sale 13%


Xintiandi: Taining more than 230 units now cash 3 billion HKD

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Wu Wanling) Last week, the stock market property market hit a record high, first-hand sales booming, a number of new real estate sales Qiqi. First round of sales (118 units) Today's sold-out Ma On Shan Sea of ​​clouds in the last round of the second round of sales (108 units) the same day sold out, the new land yesterday announced the push of the 6th single price list a total of 43, an average conversion price of 19,253 feet Yuan, an increase of 13.33% over the FHA price of 16,988 HKD when the first price list (71 units) was announced on the 3rd of this month.

Thunder, Xindian's deputy managing director, said yesterday that as the price list includes 4 groups of specialists, they can not directly compare with the previous one. The standard households' increase is about 2% to 4%. Hutchison Whampoa, general manager of the new agent, said No. 6, a total of 43 price list, price list priced from 9155,000 to 2,537 yuan, including a room with a study room to 4 rooms separated. The five payment methods that follow the published price list will be discounted at a price of 7.141-1.9789 million yuan, representing a reduction of 17,541 to 22,804 HKD per square foot. The developer started to collect the receipts yesterday, deciding the sales time depending on the situation.

Features 27,000 square feet price transactions

Hu Zhiyuan said that the project was commissioned on a one-day basis last Friday. Among them, the second unit with a special ownership of Banyan Tree Terrace reached $ 27,031, a record high for a project. See similar units popular, plus push 6 characteristics of tender households, 24 closing, including four with garden characteristics of households; and two groups of Yung Haitai even platform or rooftop units.

He said just after the last round of the sale of the sale of 108 sold on Saturday, the first phase of five groups of buyers, each purchase two groups. About 85% of the customers in the New Territories are from the districts of Sha Tin, Ma On Shan and Tai Po. As for Hong KongIsland buyers accounted for 5%, while Kowloon accounted for 10%. Thunder said the project sold over the past two rounds of selling more than 230 units, cash of about 3.0 billion.

As for other new properties, the model group of ToCheck Group and the Uruguay Bay Club, developed by the URA, opened to the public on the last Saturday. 」

Tianjin exchange flat screen snake cake

Tan Guorong, deputy managing director of Chevalier International Group, said the day before yesterday that it was estimated that a daily rate of 2,000 visits was satisfactory and the visit was satisfactory. As the stock market property market record high, reflecting the economy, the public confidence in home ownership. It is reported that Tianjin exchange closed about 300 votes on Saturday, exceeding 4.9 times.

New World Clear Water Bay Ao Tau Tender for sale 1 group characteristic house, unit 15, Block A, 7th floor, is the top floor with rooftop features an area of ​​1,841 square feet, with 1,399 square feet rooftop, with 4,123.5 million transactions, the practical price 22,398 yuan, the price and the foot price of a new roof project characteristics. In addition, developers also sold parking spaces and sold over 130 on Saturdays with the highest transaction price of $ 2.2 million.

A steady turnover of Hanlin Peak in Western District recorded a large hand-to-hand transaction. Buyers purchased 4 units of 4 units at $ 48.31 million, ranging from 359 square feet to 540 square feet. The transaction price of each group was $ 9.75 million To 14.43 million yuan.

In addition, according to market consensus, as of 7:00 pm, four transactions were recorded yesterday at Sham Kei Wan Hong Kong, Nan Fung; three transactions were recorded at Ho Man Tin, Kerry. In addition, Xiaopeng Mong Kok. Royal, Tsuen Wan sea of ​​love. Love Hyun Mei and Tai Kok Tsui Long Cheng Wan recorded a turnover of at least 140 transactions in the first two days of the primary market.

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