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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Feb: Average price per sq feet $11058 6.63%   (last month:$10370)
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Pang paste the city for sale to attract investors


GRAND OASIS Price 22000 Barcelon hill two rooms sold 16.33 million

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Leung Yue-chuen) Both the stock market are prosperous, and property developers push the real estate to attract gold. Shares of Wheelock Properties in Kai Tak OASIS KAI TAK and Sun Yat-sen B & B Hill in Mid-Levels West were quoted at the market price yesterday. The former introduced 84 seats of Block 1 and Block 2 (named GRAND OASIS KAI TAK), which reduced the average price to $ 22,665. The admission fee for a room was 7.62 million yuan. The latter devaluation 30 units, an average price of 32,200 yuan, a real reduction of two rooms of 16.33 million HKD admission. The industry believes that the price of two projects will attract investors to the market. Among them, Wheelock has been considered to give priority to large hand-pick floor.

The first 84 units of GRAND OASIS KAI TAK include one-bedroom, two-bedroom and deluxe three-bedroom units ranging from 360 sq.ft. to 752 sq.ft. with an average price of RMB27,143 per sq. Ft. After deducting a maximum of 16.5% discount such as membership discount and stamp duty. Fulfilling the average price of $ 22,665 per square foot, the entire list price of 1.164 billion HKD market capitalization. Among them, 360 square feet a room unit discount 7.62 million HKD admission, devaluation of the 554 square feet of three-bedroom units and 752 square feet of a three-bedroom unit of admission fee of 12.38 million HKD and 17.65 million yuan.

GRAND OASIS is a big hand first

Huang Guangyao, an executive director of Wheelock, described the first batch of 84 units as "good happy price", an increase of about $ 22,000 from the average transaction price of about $ 308,000 for the first phase of the 308 units sold last year, South-oriented units look mainly. Compared with other flat for sale in the same district in this month, there is a discount to the flat price for this batch of units, with a 10% mark-up increasebetween. If Polyftung sold 71 units this month at an average price of $ 23,400, the first unit of GRAND OASIS KAI TAK has a discount of 3.8% on average.

He said that the project will be opened to the public tomorrow and start collecting receipts. The number of units to be pushed will be decided upon the receipt of votes. Up to 150 units will be sold this month. He also said that one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats will attract investors to enter the market and will consider making arrangements for picking up flats by hand.

Associated Press Director Chan Kwong Ming said that the first 84 contracts of GRAND OASIS KAI TAK were at a very similar price to the first batch of units sold in the same period last year. It also means that many units enjoy river view and unilateral station square view. They are expected to respond enthusiastically and will freeze the second-hand purchasing power of East Kowloon.

On the other hand, the total number of new listings for the B & B Hill in Mid-Levels West was 30, representing an average price of $ 32,200 per sq ft. This compares favorably with the average price of $ 32,000 per sq ft for a nearby drywall road. The first unit area from 500 square feet to 742 square feet, all for two-bedroom, priced from 18,665,000 to 28,237,000 yuan, developers provide a maximum of 12.5% ​​discount, discounted price of 16.331 million HKD to 24,707,000 yuan.

Thunder: Really sold Baling Dayton Hill

Xintiandi, deputy managing director of Thunder, said the group has always pushed the market with real estate projects, the project number is small, coupled with the Mid-levels mansion less supply, the Group will adopt the sale strategy. Chen Hailin, general manager of the new agent, said the project opened today to open demonstration units to the public for simultaneous receipts, the fastest sale next week, the first batch of 30 market value of 675 million yuan.

Centaline Property West Mid-Levels senior senior business director Li Wei said that Barclays Hill offer lower than expected 20% to 30%, recently Henglida in the project near the acquisition of old buildings, foot price of about 30000 yuan, and the opening price is similar. He also pointed out that the new property 瑧 邻 near the Xiyi real estate started at an average price of about $ 28,000 when booked in November last year. The B & Q Hill is located in the Mid-levels West with a slightly higher footing and reasonable price. It is believed that it will attract investors to enter the market.

Shin Kong Jinhai II raised prices

In addition, a total of 7% of Jin Ho II, Sunrise Cannes II, Tseung Kwan O, were raised by about 2.2% to 4.2% yesterday. The group is offering 10 units including the 7-unit fare increase unit next Monday.

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