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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Oct: Average price per sq feet $12192 2.6%   (last month:$11883)
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Sea of ​​clouds over 2 thousand votes over 19 times


Standard Chartered hit 11 feature households by this feature truncated

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Leung Yue Qin) This year, the first batch of new real estate in Hong Kong, Ma On Shan Yunhai 118 interceptions yesterday, the news that the cumulative over 2,347 votes, over-registered 19 times. The project also has 11 groups of property households closed at today's tender, the developer of new agency general manager Hu Zhiyuan believe that this batch of characteristic households can record the ideal price, rebate offers up to 23%. At the same time, the real estate partner Standard Chartered Bank launched mortgage discount. In addition, Hengli Golf Fan Garden Golf Court update price list payment method, of which, the mortgage loan premium for the 120-Day Deal Plan increased from 85% to 90%.

Hu Zhiyuan said that the first batch of 118 sea clouds sold tomorrow will have been cut at 8 pm last night and recorded over 2,000 votes. The project also features 11 interceptions today including 5 gang gardens, 3 gang platform and 3 gang rooftop. There are 4 payment methods available, only 1% to 23% rebate. He pointed out that the group did not provide any guidance to the 11 special groups and did not require any purchase. However, due to the needs of some families, a tender bid will be allowed to bid on two groups.

At the same time, the sea of ​​clouds also shot Standard Chartered Bank launched the floor by discount. Wang Weixian, managing director of Greater China, North Asia and Standard Chartered PLC in Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) said that buyers could choose the first-year 1.68-PCT fixed-rate scheme for the first year and set a fixed rate of 2.15% . The lock-in rate was reduced by 3% to the best lending rate. The plan is to limit mortgage-free occupancy only to first-time buyers and boarding passengers for self-financing purposes. Loans range from $ 1 million to $ 8 million.

Baling Dayton part of the proposed real estate sales

On the other hand, two new properties on Hong Kong Island will be available for payment next week. Xindi Acting general managerChen Hailin said that with the development of the New World, the Betsall Hill in Mid-levels West today contains sales brochures. Opening next week will offer opening and demonstration units with a minimum of 30 first-price lists. As the project only 76, will be reluctant sellers, some units retained until the second quarter to the current floor sale.

Linda Lam, general manager of Henderson Property Agency (I), said that the peak of North Point's peak sales will be opened next week. The first batch will be no less than 57 units and will be on sale within the fastest time frame. The real estate on the first floor of the ground floor shops will be planned into a flagship store, clubhouse located on the first and second floor, another set of sky garden.

Shang Yue. Fang recorded the first record case

The Golf Club at Fanling Golf Club will sell 9 units next Monday, ranging from an open to four-bedroom home. Excluding up to a maximum of 7% discount, the discounted price is $ 5,225,000 to $ 18,531,000, representing a reduction of $ 1,6,557 to $ 19,433. Some units have increased their prices by 1% to 2%. The property also updated the price list payment method, the mortgage loan discount rate for the 120-day transaction plan increased from 85% to 90%; the 90% mortgage payment 238-day contract turnover period was extended from 238 days to 300 days and the discount rate was reduced from 6% To 5%.

In addition, Evergrande and New World Shang Yue Shang Yue. The first day before the party appeared, the developer announced the tender resale yesterday, next Tuesday, the tender. Involving units of 6th floor, Room G, an area of ​​210 square feet, mining open design, earlier sold 34510000 yuan, but the buyer tart set, expected to confiscate 5% deposit, or about 173000 yuan.

Johnny increases up to 8.3%

High reputation investment Ma Tau Kok Johnny yesterday announced that four of them increased 2.5% to 8.3%. Among them, 6 A unit, an area of ​​357 square feet, price list price raised from 7.558 million HKD to 7.74777 million yuan. The unit has raised prices three times, with an accumulated increase of about 9.1%.

Tuen Mun Manchu Hill, which was developed by Kerry, had two special traders with a total turnover of 43.62 million HKD yesterday. The first-hand residential sales network shows Mansion No. 1, Block A, 7th Floor, Block 1, with a salable area of ​​1,402 square feet and a covered area of ​​1,203 square feet. It is sold at a price of $ 20,019,000 at a price of $ 28,067,000. The other unit is Mansion Hill Mansion 12 B, with a salable area of ​​1,001 square feet and a garden area of ​​654 square feet. The three-bedroom suite is separated by a price of $ 15,595,000 and a price of $ 15,579.

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