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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Dec: Average price per sq feet $10412 8.27%   (last month:$11351)
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New District 2 Kai new plate ring war


Sea of ​​clouds on sale for 118 Baling Hill next week asking price

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Entering 2018 less than 10 days, the new land in the district immediately touches the new real estate chain war. In Ma On Shan, the group's first-of-its-kind new project, Maanshan Yunhai, added another 36 units yesterday and implemented the first batch of 118 units on sale this Saturday. The same mayor of real star sea of ​​ripples also announced on sale this Saturday, 5 partners. In Hong Kong Island, in the face of constant this year, the first shots of the new real estate North Point Jun Yu peak sales book, book prices early next week, and push the same district Shang Yu Quarry Bay and Jun Hao peak units; Upload sales brochures in Beth Dayton, Mid-levels West or sell within the month.

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Deputy Managing Director Thunder said that the Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds received a warm response, yesterday, plus push 36 units, averaging 17,773 HKD per square foot. Although the price slightly higher than the first two batches of 2.1% to 4.6%, due to the characteristics of households involved, is still the original price plus push, and sold 118 sets on Saturday.

Sea of ​​clouds together with the warm push

Hutchison Whaley, general manager of the new agency, said 36 new additions include one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom Lok multi-atrial septum with a reduced price of $ 16,420 to $ 18,750 and a discount price of $ 6,580,700 to $ 1,311.39 yuan. He pointed out that on sale this Saturday, 118 units, a real admission of 6.24 million yuan, tomorrow's cut-off, sales day points A, B sales period, Group A can buy 2 to 4 partners, including one group of three or four rooms, Group B can buy 1 to 2 gangs.

Sea of ​​stars on sale Monday sells 5 partners

As for the Cheung Kong in Ma On Shan Star Sea is also released on sale this Saturday, five were a Block B, 9th Floor, a 10-room B, 2A, 8th floor, Room C, 2A, 10th Floor, Room C and 2B Room H, 5th Floor. Among them, 2B, 5th Floor, HRoom 120 for the program, a discount of 18,395,000, a discount of 14,304 HKD foot price.

Hengdian peak peak bookstore

The other hand, Hong Kong Island also burst new real estate battle. Linda Lam, general manager of Henderson Property Agency (I), said yesterday that the group's first new property, No. 3, Mapo Road, North Point, was named "Monumental Peak" this year. Yesterday it was up for sale, the fastest opening price next week, the first price list About 57 units are expected to be priced within the framework of new developments in the district and other developers in the same district as soon as this month before the Lunar New Year. The property offers 281 partners, covering an area of ​​181 square feet to 417 square feet.

Last month, a total of 6 units of Units B, 16-21 / F, North Point, were also raised by 5%. The units have already raised their fares twice with a cumulative increase of 8.2%. The project also pushed 15 units at the same time, covering an area of ​​206 square feet or 207 square feet. The price list price was between 5,748,000 HKD and 6,543,000 HKD at the price of 27,709 HKD to 31,609 yuan. The same department Quarry Bay Junhao Feng also pushed 48 units, the price list price 5.583 million HKD to 8.775 million yuan, foot price 25,218 HKD to 30,583 yuan, the buyer will receive an additional 2% discount.

Xintiandi, Managing Director of Thunder, said Mid-Levels West Bardon Hill had a chance to upload sales brochures this week with the fastest opening next week and the opportunity to go on sale this month. Chen Hailin, general manager of the new agency, said the first price list will include 742 square feet of large two-room Lien multi-room unit, the real estate on the 7th to 12th floor units are two-bedroom, salable area from 500 to 742 square feet, demonstration The unit will be open after next week's asking price.

In addition, Kerry and Poly Real Estate announced yesterday that they launched six Ho Man Tin Ho Chi Minh and Kai Tak Long Foo 15 sets this Saturday.

Wheelock cannon pushed Cannes City 5

Wong Kwok Yee, the managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, estimates that the group will launch 1,600 units for the first phase of the project this year. Tong Kai Tak OASIS KAI TAK The remaining units will also be expedited to launch with fare increase. In addition, Peak MOUNT NICHOLSON, which is responsible for the sales of Wheelock Properties, will continue to sell its detached houses and strata tenants by tender this year.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.