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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Oct: Average price per sq feet $12192 2.6%   (last month:$11883)
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Ma On Shan Feiyu feet price forced seven thousand seven


One-room admission fee 6.24 million real estate Yinghai 5%

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Leung Yue-chuen) In 2018, the first real-estate new come out, developers bid for the first time. The new site in Ma On Shan, Yunhai yesterday announced the first list of a total of 71 units, averaging ¥ 16,988 per square foot, with a record new real estate offer prices has always been high, 382 square feet a home admission of 6.24 million yuan, the real estate in the open demonstration Units to the public visit, the fastest sale next week. Clouds offer, Heng then immediately adjacent to the sea series of which two large units increase 5% on sale on Sunday.

Currently, the new Ma On Shan property near Maitreya is priced at between $ 14,700 and $ 22,316 per sq ft and second-hand prices are between $ 14,550 and $ 16,300. In other words, the asking price for the sea of ​​clouds is close to the new property prices in the region, which is 4.2% to 15.5% above the average second-hand price. According to statistics, Cheung Kong announced in 1993 that the first Xingliao Sea price list of 93 neighbors was at an average cost of $ 13,961 per square foot. In the mere 10 months, the asking price of the first batch of units in the sea of ​​clouds was over 21% higher than that of Star Sea, Outperform.

The first 71 show this open

The first batch of 71 units in Yunhai, including one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments, have a usable area of ​​382 square feet to 983 square feet and an average price of $ 21,780 per sq. Ft., Representing an average fare of $ 16,988 per sq. Feet, representing a discount of $ 6,240,300 to $ 17,157,500.

XinTa's Deputy Managing Director, Thunder, described the pricing of the first batch of units in Yunhai as "unparalleled". Pricing Considerations The project is located near the MTR station and the lowest density project in the region. The first batch of units are attractively priced, ranging from one to four rooms. space. He said that the positive factors of the property market this year are still in place. Recently, the Hong Kong stock market is better and the growth of wealth is favorable. Although Hong Kong banks have a chance to follow the United States plusInterest rates, but I believe they may not be able to catch up with them. The rate of increase is not large. The interest rate in Hong Kong is still at a low level. However, last year was a record year, expected property prices will be slightly slower this year.

Hu Zhiyuan, general manager of the new agency, said that the first price of clouds available for payment up to 22% discount, providing five payment methods, of which three involved in different tax rebates, of which 15 were eligible for BSD tax incentives. He also expected that there will be urban buyers buying the project due to their convenient transportation. Therefore, a private nominal buyer who designates the payment method will be given a 1% cash rebate if he or she is living in a railway station including the LRT and the Peak Tram.

Provide 120% loan price

The new site also provides a loan of 120% of the purchase price for the properties. The other one is up to 90% of the time. The longest period is 25 years. The interest rate for the first 24 months is P-2.85%, followed by P; or the highest reserve 25% two press, the longest period of 25 years.

Busshamin, chief executive of Midland Realty Residential, said that the asking price of the sea of ​​clouds was attractive compared with the recent transaction of single-hand prices of more than $ 20,000 per unit. In addition, the land adjacent to the site was sold for more than $ 11,000 per square foot of land earlier. It is estimated that the future price of the project will exceed $ 20,000. Therefore, it is believed that the sea of ​​clouds will be highly sought after.

Ma Chung Shan, Centaline of Central Plains Property and Mak Jen-hui, senior business director of Fairview Park, California, said the first price of the Sea of ​​Clouds was discounted to be close to the second-hand price of the same district. As the property location is near the sea, it is also within walking distance to the MRT Station. Huxing is also diversified. It also offers attractive home purchase incentives and payment methods. It is expected that after the launch of the price list, the secondary market in Ma On Shan will freeze for some time.

Yinghai unit twice the fare increase

In addition, next to the sea of ​​clouds, led by the constant development of the sea series will soon be 2 units to raise 5% of large units on sale on Sunday. Among them, Ying Hai · shore 7, Block 7, Room A, an area of ​​1,453 square feet, price list price increase of 5% to 25,859,000 yuan, before and after the two have increased fares, the cumulative increase of 13.4% to 98 off, The actual price is 25.34 million HKD and the price is 17,441 yuan. On the 5th floor, Block B, Block 15, Ying Hai · Yopo, with an area of ​​1,632 sq ft, the selling price of the price list was also raised to RMB26,841,000. The price has also been increased twice with a cumulative increase of 7.1% at a discount of 98% 26.3 million yuan, foot price 16,118 yuan.

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