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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Oct: Average price per sq feet $12192 2.6%   (last month:$11883)
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The first city of 12.5 million epilepsy welcome 2018


New Year's Eve New Year atmosphere of good ten tenant turnover Wang

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun) Just over the weekend coincides with the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day holiday, the end of the long holiday market must be quiet, but this uncharacteristically, according to the four agents data, Significant increases have been recorded. The Central Plains real estate ten large estates recorded 23 transactions in the past weekend, an increase of 10 or 77% over the weekend of Christmas last week, hit a new high since July 2016 and stable double digit for 7 consecutive weeks. Estate estates in various districts also continued to "climb to the top". The transaction price of some units in City One Shatin hit $ 12.5 million, a record high for estates.

The ten estates of Central Plains real estate recorded a total of 23 transactions in the past weekend days (December 30 to 31, 2017), recording a further 25 transactions on New Year's Day holidays, nearly 1.3 times more than the New Year's Day last year. Central Plains Real Estate Asia Pacific Vice President and Housing Minister Chen Yongjie said the primary market recently to the sale of goods tail mainly prospective buyers focus on the secondary market for real estate, driven second-hand housing transactions briskly.

A lack of new purchasing power transfer

According to Midland Realty statistics, about 21 sale and purchase transactions have also been recorded in the top ten weekends on the weekend, up 16.7% over the previous week. If calculated on New Year's Day, only 22 transactions were recorded on the three days. However, Over the same period, about 10 more long-weekend ups and downs 1.2 times. Ten HOS courts in Hong Kong also recorded 12 transactions in the past weekends and one weekly increase, which hit a 40-week high at the end of March while 12 transactions were recorded in the three-day long holiday, up 50% over the same period of last year's New Year's Day. .

AP Property Residential Department Chief Executive Bouasin said property market in 2017 under the strong demand led to break the traditional at the end of every quietsituation. Just over the weekend the market did not have a new building market should be the city, the purchasing power flow to second-hand, so that top ten housing estates recorded two consecutive weekend trading rose, is expected to 2018 developers are still actively pushing real estate, to stimulate market purchasing power. At the same time, the low-interest rate environment continued to be favorable for the secondary market. It is expected that there will still be a 5% to 10% increase in the prices of medium and small-sized secondary properties.

First City top price update 1 month

In fact, the housing estates in various districts have continued to record the top-end price transactions in recent days. Celestial real estate Li Zongwen said that the first city of Sha Tin recorded a topping transaction on New Year's Eve involving 6 top-floor households with a usable floor area of ​​819 sq ft and 3-room rooftop with a rooftop price of $ 12.5 million. A record high, equivalent to 15,263 HKD per square foot, the buyer is the area floor change passenger.

Information search, the old record for the month to 10,950,000 HKD turnover of the 6 middle D room, but the record immediately after 1 month was broken, the new record is even more than the old record full 1.55 million HKD or more 14%. The original owner in August 2012 to 7100000 HKD to buy units, cargo hold more than 5 years, book profit 5350000 yuan, the unit appreciation of 75%.

New Kwai Fong Garden 97 real estate rose 1.2 times

Centaline Hsu Wai Yip said that New Kwai Fong Garden on New Year's Day recorded the first transaction of estates in 2018, involving Block D, 07 high-rise, practical area of ​​415 square feet, two-bedroom interval, the property on December 23, 2017 before the release of real estate , Asking price 6.3 million yuan, put the real estate less than 10 days, was New Year's Day home to 6.18 million HKD to undertake, property prices hit a record high housing estates, foot price 14,892 yuan. The original owner in 1997 to 2.83 million HKD to buy units, holding 20 years, book profit 3.35 million HKD or 1.2 times.

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