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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Oct: Average price per sq feet $12192 2.6%   (last month:$11883)
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Jiahu complex pass 13.6 million top price sell



Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Zhang Meiting) No new sale of Christmas holidays sale, the market focus back to second-hand building, Hong Kong New Territories record record high turnover. City Legend Tin Shui Wai, Kingswood Villas, a duplex units to 13.6 million HKD turnover, the price of your whole area. In addition, despite the record high turnover of HOS flats with active market, there were 2 room flats in Wong Tai Sin Pengcheng Court trading at a free market price of $ 4.37 million. After deducting the spicy tax, the seller still recorded a profit of nearly 10%.

Century 21 Toyama Real Estate Liu Ching-tung said that many of the lower-water HOS flats have been used by many homeowners and are adjacent to HOS Court in Peng Chuk Court, Chuk Yuen North Estate, Wong Tai Sin. The unit area is 441 square feet, with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room at a price of $ 4.37 million Free market price change hands, the salable area is $ 9,909. It is understood that the original owner purchased at 3.44 million HKD (free market price) in 2015 and sold less than three years ago. The additional stamp duty, net of 10% of the transaction price, was about 437,000 HKD while the book value was still 493,000 yuan.

Tuen Mun Fu Jian Jing peak break top

In addition, Cheung Yick real estate senior regional manager Huang Qingde said Tuen Mun Home Habitat Fu Jian property prices broke the first 500 million. The transaction unit is located in 10 middle-level H Room, area of ​​592 square feet, three-bedroom interval, the free market price of 5.5 million yuan, the final turnover of 5.06 million yuan, foot price of 8,547 yuan, the turnover of a record high estate.

Another HOS flats turnover is also in Tuen Mun. Cheung Yi Wu Chi Wai said that the Peak Garden 5 high-rise B Room, practical area of ​​480 square feet, two rooms interval, to 4390000 HKD in the free market price sold, record prices have always been new housing estates, practical foot price 9,146 yuan. The original owner of 1.05 million HKD in 2010 to buy land units, has sold nearly 3.2 times earnings.

Private housing is also no shortage of high-priced transactions. According to market information, the top floor of the 8th penthouse at Kingswood Villas in Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai was doubled with a salable area of ​​1,280 square feet at $ 13.6 million on the 24th at Christmas, with a turnover of $ 10,625. 12 million HKD record, becoming the highest price of Kingswood Villas property history. According to information provided by the Land Registry, the original owner purchased units at $ 7.8 million in August 2012 and a profit of $ 5.8 million in carrying goods for 5 years.

City two rooms 12 million new high

Two-bedroom King Atrium, Middle A Room, Gold Star Court, Taikoo Shing, which is also a blue chip housing estate, has been dealt with a lease of HK $ 12 million with a new lease of HK $ 20,619 per unit area of ​​582 square feet. price.

Elsewhere, 5 G / F, YOHO Town, Yuen Long, with 393 sq ft of floor space, was sold for $ 6.1 million at a price of $ 15,522 at a transaction price of a record 2-bedroom unit. In the meantime, B Bay Central Park, 8 Block, Park Island, Ma Wan, covers an area of ​​592 square feet. It was traded at $ 7.22 million in real terms by $ 12,162. The transaction price also hit a new high for two-bedroom units.

In addition, Ma On Shan Sunshine City J block high-rise three-bedroom two-bedroom units, an area of ​​338 square feet, to 5.99 million HKD traded, foot price 17,722 yuan, a record high housing estates. Two bedrooms, F high-rise building, Fok Tower, Tseung Kwan O two bedrooms have also been newly built estates per square foot. The unit area of ​​498 square feet, the original price of about 6.7 million yuan, and finally to 6.57 million yuan, equivalent to 13,393 HKD per square foot.

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