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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Apr: Average price per sq feet $11842 1.7%   (last month:$11644)
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[Odds] approaching the fear of the United States to raise interest rates new high hanging sell


Shang Yue. Party devaluation 30 pairs of feet expensive second hand 25%

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Leung Yue Qin) On the eve of the Federal Reserve meeting, local developers lazy interest rates approaching, continue to push the real estate at high prices. Evergrande and New World co-operate Shang Yue, a nanotechnology building in Shap Pat Heung Yuen Long. Fang announced yesterday that the first price list was launched at a price 25% higher than the original price of 25% of the same class in the same district. The average price per square foot was 15,763 HKD and the maximum discount was 5%. The average square foot price was 14,975 HKD per square foot. 2.998 million HKD admission fee. Of which 8th floor, B room open, the practical area of ​​211 square feet, with rooftop 171 square feet, price list price of 4305000 yuan, 20403 HKD foot price, also reduced the price of 19,383 HKD footsteps, challenging similar units in the region new height price.

Henderson Property Agency Sales (a), general manager Thomas Lam Tat-man described the first unit of the real estate admission fee is less than 3 million yuan, many units are more than 300 million discount price, the unit price is close to the area for the first time home buyers And branches of family customers request, but also stressed that we can not simply look at foot prices, but depends on the unit price. He said that the real estate receipt today will be divided into a large group of passengers A and group B, plus there is still time to increase fares, an increase of about 5% to 10%, and a great opportunity to push the remaining 33, This week will be uploading sales arrangements, the proposed sale of all 63 units before Christmas.

192,000 square meters open to 2.998 million admission

He said that the first 30 units have a usable area of ​​192 square feet to 310 square feet, including seven open and 23 one-bedroom units. Developers provide a maximum of 85% off one click to reduce first-time buyers' expenses. Two clicks, together with a maximum mortgage loan of 90% of the purchase price, P-2% three years and one fourth and fiveYear P-1%, then P + 1%. In other words, as long as buyers have more than 300,000 HKD the first phase has been on the train.

Currently, second-hand prices in the district range from RMB10,340 to RMB14,632, of which Shang Yue, a four-year-old property adjacent to the property, is about RMB11,950 per sq. Ft., Shang Yue. The average price of the first batch of 30 partners was 25% higher than that of Shang Yue.

Asked why he chose to pay the price on the eve of the U.S. proposal, he pointed out that even if the United States increases interest rates, the increase will not be much. The psychological impact is greater than the actual burden on buyers. Also claimed that in recent years developers are not cheap to buy land, the future sale of flats must have a reasonable profit margin, expected next year, property prices will be steady development.

Second-hand owners Yuen Long area is the price

Central Plains Real Estate Asia Pacific Vice President and Housing Minister Chen Yongjie said that due to the real estate to provide small size, the first admission fee is less than 3000000 yuan, the whole territory of second and second-hand housing estate also lack 3000000 HKD Coupled with the high mortgage offer by developers, it is described as an "invincible" price in the market today. If the developer's original price is pushed up, there will be a chance to "clean the bag."

Yuen Long Shang Yue. After the bidding price has been reached, the case in the secondary market in the market has been driven. Zhongyuan Wang Qin Xue refers to the Sereno Verde's 7th floor, G room, practical area of ​​570 square feet, originally put 6.4 million HKD real estate, 200,000 HKD increase last night, the latest sale of 6.6 million yuan, an increase of about 3%.

Other areas of new real estate also stepped up its deployment. Xintiandi, deputy managing director of Thunder, said that its subsidiary, Maanshan Yunhai expected to upload sales brochures prior to Christmas and sell them before the Lunar New Year. Hu Zhiyuan, general manager of the new agent, said the club is named Club Lorient. The indoor and outdoor area of ​​about 130,000 square feet, with fitness room, banquet hall, gardening park, 25 meters indoor swimming pool and 50 meters outdoor swimming pool. Hu Zhiyuan also pointed out that Kau Yun Sha Tin Kau for the first sale of three bungalows are arranged for customers to visit in batches next year, January 31 closing. In addition, Department of Xi Nanchang Railway Station II yesterday announced the sale of 36 units on Saturday.

Ma Tau Han 畋 up to 9%

High reputation investment Ma Tau Han Johnny yesterday some units will increase 3% to 9%, and new payment methods. Yang Minjian, general manager of Hutchison Investments, said that with the addition of the "Flexible II" payment plan, buyers pay 5% of the purchase price respectively when signing the contract and the formal contract, and pay the purchase price in installments over the next 10 months %, 85% of balance is paid within 14 days from the date on which the title of the title is transferred to the purchaser, and a 5% cash rebate is available if the buyer pays off the balance of the property price in advance within the specified date.

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