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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Nov: Average price per sq feet $12191 0.29%   (last month:$12156)
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Xi Xi Ⅱ a room with a view of 10.30 million households sell


Nearly 30000 square feet of developers plus push 119 group price increase 3%

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Mei-Ting Zhang) Hong Kong stocks last week, although a slight correction, but the property market has not been affected. Among the units sold in the Huaxi II sub-lot of the Xinchang Sub-station at Nam Cheong Station in Sham Shui Po last Saturday, one unit sold at a reduced price of $ 10,308,200 was sold at an average price of nearly $ 30,000. At the same time, the developer announced yesterday that Xiushiro II plus 119 units had been converted into an average of 26,366 RMB per sq ft, a 2.79% discount to the average unit price of 25,650 from the previous batch of units.

According to the Transaction Information of First-hand Property Sales Information Network, Unit B, 55th Floor, Block 3B, The Great Seal Ⅱ, has a salable area of ​​349 square feet and an open kitchen with a turnover of $ 10,308,200 and a price of $ 29,536. According to market sources, the purchasers are local buyers. The purchase of over ten million HKD was mainly for investment purposes. Buyers believe that the project near the traffic convenience, with the unit enjoy the sea view, expected future monthly rent of more than 20,000 yuan. Some real estate agents think that although the unit is a high-level ocean-view villa, the price of nearly $ 30,000 is overpriced. The price difference is almost equal to that of Hong Kong Island real estate development. It is considered that the excessively high purchase price has the potential to affect future rental rewards.

Plus push is not intended to corner priority

SHKP's Deputy Managing Director, Thunder, attended a press briefing yesterday and said that the sales performance of Yuxi II is satisfactory. Seeing that there are numerous market stalls, the No. 4 price list is now pushed with 119 traders involved, accounting for an average of RMB 26,366. Slight price increase of 1% to 3%. The increase was mainly due to the higher level of new units and landscapes.

Shinhan Acting Managing Director Chen Hanlin added that as the Group earlier set the target of selling up to 500 units earlier this year, it has sold over 400 unitsTherefore, it is not planned to launch units for sale in full. The project has no plans to prioritize subscriptions to the crowds for the time being and the sale will be launched as soon as next weekend. According to the latest price list, the selling price was from 7.665 to 6,095.9 million and the price per square yard was 28,160 to 40,397 yuan. The selling price was 6,132,000 to 48,767,200 yuan, which was reduced from 22,258 HKD to 32,318 yuan. The average price per square foot of the unit price of 32,958 yuan, averaging 26,366 HKD per sq ft.

Chen Hanlin said that the second round of sales of the Great Potain Group II in the second round of the Huaxi Seal was the largest single transaction for a group of buyers who bought two 4-bedroom towers with a usable area of ​​1,509 sq ft and a turnover of 83 million yuan.

Yesterday, Huaxiu Ⅱ opened its Standard Demonstration Unit of Cross-border Demonstration to the media. The unit is No. 3A, Block D, Level 38, with a salable area of ​​535 square feet. It is divided into two rooms with a set of 26 square feet of terrace.

Jinhai this week plus four push push

Another project of the new site, Kin Ho, Sunrise Cannes, Tseung Kwan O, was uploaded to the new sales arrangement yesterday. The project will add 4 more deliveries this Thursday (July 7), ranging from 8% to 15%. Among them, 1A on the 20th floor and 21 / F, A room, the salable area is 842 square feet, the price increases respectively 15% to 177444000 HKD and 17852000 yuan.

Huaxi II sold 120 units on Saturday, accounting for over 92% of the total salable units. The sales of new properties for the two days ended last week were about 170 units.

In addition, West Hong Kong Island, New World Island Island recorded 3 consecutive transactions on open days and one room for two days a week. Of which 15F G room, salable area of ​​347 square feet, the transaction price of 8.961 million yuan, 25,824 HKD foot price. The same series of Pui Yat Plaza recorded the first home transaction on Saturday. House 8 was sold for $ 22.09 million. Its salable area was 1,545 square feet, with two parking spaces and a price of $ 14,300 per square foot. Hierarchical units were also recorded last weekend Two deals.

On the same day, THE PARKVILLE also sold a group of high-rise four-bedroom units on the 28th floor at Room A, with a transaction price of $ 12.7 million, a record high of $ 15,066.

In addition, Kaohsiung invested a total of 44 units of new units in Ma Tau Kok due to sale, accounting for more than 74% of the first units sold. Yang Minjian, general manager of the company, said that he is satisfied with the sales of the project and believes that the market has responded enthusiastically. Coupled with the increasing market demand for one-bedroom homebuyers, the company plans to increase the unit price.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.