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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Oct: Average price per sq feet $12192 2.6%   (last month:$11883)
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Johnny sold on the first day did not paved the first batch of 59 orders to 61%


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) by the "Bowling King" Young's family to invest in the development of high reputation in order to paste the market price Ma Tau Kok Johnny sold the first batch of 59 people last night, the news that 36 sold on the first day, the sales rate of more than Liu Cheng.

Li Ka Ge exclusive agent Johnny last night selling the first batch of 59 people, the city accumulatively received about 272 votes, prospective buyers yesterday from 6 pm to 7 pm to reach the basement of Anderson Center, Tsim Sha Tsui sales office registration, the reaction is acceptable. Altogether 92 units have been listed on the property and the No. 1 Price List and No. 2 Price List have been released to provide 30 units each at an average price of $ 20,143 and $ 20,200 respectively. It is close to the new properties in nearby Kai Tak. The unit price includes standard 1 room and large 1 room units, admission fee of nearly 5.15 million yuan.

Yang Mingjian, general manager of Hony Capital Investment, said that Hankow accounts for half of the votes spent by investors and investors, and the largest buyer can purchase up to two units. He also said that the project pricing close to the market price and strategic location. Liao Wei-keung, president of Ricacorp real estate, said there are big hand buyers subscribing to more than one unit.

Kai Tak 1 buyers tart big set

In addition, Hong On Estate Tai Wai Hui buckwheat first recorded tart book, according to transaction records show that the real estate catalog two tart set, the relevant units were sold in the first round of sales on the 17th of this month, respectively, 1 wing 7th Floor D03 Room, the transaction price of 4923000 yuan, the buyer canceled the transaction was confiscated 5% deposit involved 246000 yuan; the other is a wing 7th floor A05 room, the price of 748.5 million yuan, the buyer canceled the transaction was forfeited 5% deposit 374,000 Yuan, a total of two groups of buyers were confiscated about 620,000 yuan.

Coincidentally, according to the first-hand property transaction record book, a large redemption case of "Hong Kong Mans House" Kai Tak 1 II in overseas development of China is reported, with five units of 547 sq.ft.It was sold for 10.98 million HKD in August of this year. The buyer adopted the payment method, but on the 23rd of this month, it was devalued. It was expected that the developer would forfeit the 10% deposit in the amount of 1.1 million yuan. The real estate I and II have recorded a total of 5 large case of tart, developers a total of 5.58 million HKD to kill.

On the other hand, Nan Fung sold 6 units in Hong Kong Island, Shau Kei Wan yesterday with a total value of over $ 148 million and a turnover of $ 19,832 to $ 25,695. Both belong to Hong Kong Island, Centaline Property Cheng Lily said the Central Plains sole agent Wan Chai Yi Jia Lian recorded two transactions, feet 26,304 to 29,981 yuan, the buyer are using developers to shoot financial companies to provide high mortgage payment plan.

Xi Xi II temporarily no intention of overweight selling

Xintiandi, deputy managing director of Thunder, said the grand opening of Grand Canyon II at Nanchang Railway Station was unprecedented in sales on Saturday. Units launched were close to selling. Due to the rare location of the project, no more than 500 units were sold before the occupation and the market value was expected to exceed 7 billion yuan. He also said that the sea of ​​Ma On Shan and Kau Neven in Shatin will be sold in January next year and will have the opportunity to launch a new project for sale by the group next year.

The new agent general manager Chen Hailin said that the first of the Huaxi II open 20 households have been sold off. Recently, the unit has been pushed to increase, including 12 open-door households. The market reaction remains satisfactory. The Thunder describes the open-door "practical" . Chen Hailin also said that Huaxiu II open-door households to provide furniture combination purchase discount, expected to attract investors for rental purposes. He reiterated that Lot 3, which has been pushed a few days ago, has reduced the average price by more than 25,000 HKD per square foot from the first batch by 20% because most of the flats are located at middle and high levels and the landscape is of a better quality.

New World real estate in Xixi 瑧 推 launched 40 units last night, the tender offer for sale, the closing bid this Friday.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.