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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Nov: Average price per sq feet $12191 0.29%   (last month:$12156)
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The price of Cullinan West II sell 11% more


Over 300 million people have shipped more than 4 billion sets

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Zhang Mei-ting) Recently, the stock market big boom, the property market signs of further flare. Last weekend's sale of 321 units in the first round of the Nanchang Nanchang Metro Station top coat Cullinan West II put more than 90% of the daily sales. Recently, the first day of new real estate sales rate is generally less than 50% of the haze, resulting in a significant increase in the number of first-hand deals last weekend. Based on market information, a total of 347 transactions were recorded in the two days of the new flats. As the hottest weekends after the policy address, The developer announced yesterday that an additional 130 units were to be added and the average floor price per square foot was 25,650 yuan. The average price per square foot was 23,079 HKD or 11% more than the previous batch of units.

Cullinan West II received only over 3,600 receipts. Although it registered less than 13,000 votes earlier than the beginning of the first half of the year, the sales volume on the day before yesterday was encouraging, with 308 units sold on the first day, accounting for over 95% of the 321 units sold. , The most profitable new property for the policy address. During the period of picking up buildings, the registered person of the sales office at Kowloon Station extended two or three floors with a record of "one customer and five meals" involving nearly 50 million yuan. The registration of fighters to the Dragon is still crowded, once a few hundred people line up.

Tenants to pay spicy tax sweep goods

Mr. Wong, now living in Fo Tan, bought 3 units of one-bedroom home on Saturday's big-hand subscription and raised about $ 24 million. Two of them needed to pay 15% hot spicy tax and disclosed two of them for rent collection , Rent about 20,000 yuan; one is left to his 19-year-old son. He believes that the current property prices are high, but the future will not fall even more.

Commenting on the first day sales of Cullinan West II, Chen Hanlin, the general manager of Sundex, said that 116 units were sold during the big hand in the morning on Saturday morning with more than 90% of the project buyers being local customers and non-local customers taking up a relatively low share. Shinchi Deputy Managing Director Thunder yesterday in the pressWill show that the project is now totaling more than 4 billion yuan.

Developers yesterday announced the addition of a total of 130 price-added bills 3, priced from $ 7,569,000 to $ 54,445,000 at a price of $ 27,827 to $ 36,215. After deducting up to a 20% discount, the discount price was $ 6.05 million to 43.56 million Yuan, a discount from the fare price of 22,261.6 HKD to 28,972 yuan.

Plus push 130 605000 admission

As a result, the average FPR price of flat-to-flat units was 25,650 yuan, 11% higher than the average flat price of $ 23,079 for the first batch of flats. However, the developer pointed out that most of the units are premium units, including 12 gangs of Block 5A, 12 high-rise units of Block 3A and 12 open-door households. The other two-room toilets and one-bedroom units . Excluding the relevant factors, is the original price plus push.

As for other new properties, the new development of Clear Water Bay, a subsidiary of New World Development, sold 12 units of the first floor of Unit C at a cost of $ 19.32 million at a price of 17,281 yuan. The project sold 18 units this month, accumulating 192 units and cashing in more than 3.8 billion yuan, with an average selling price of up to 20 million yuan.

Benefiting from the sales of 308 units by Cullinan West II, the aggregate market data show that the number of first-hand deals in the past weekend has risen sharply with a total of 347 contracts in two days, making it the most popular weekend after the policy address.

John 畋 today the first round of sales of 59 units

In addition, the investment in Ma Tau Kok by the high investment in the development of real estate Johnny will be today (27) for the first round of sales, by drawing lots to sell 59 units. The project last night cut off a total of 272 recorded, 3.6 times excess. According to No. 1 and No. 2, the average flat price per unit is 20,143 HKD and 20,200 HKD respectively. The unit type includes standard 1-bedroom and 1-bedroom units.

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