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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Nov: Average price per sq feet $12191 0.29%   (last month:$12156)
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Hanging to sell new discounts to slow sales


瑧 蓺 46% sell on the first day Ikegami one-Ka deal single digits

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Leung Yue Qin) Developers offer aggressive, buyers too expensive to reduce the market desire, the sales of real estate sales continued to slow down. New World started selling the first batch of 65 units in Xiyi at a price higher than that of the same district for the same period. Yesterday afternoon, the first batch of 65 units was sold, saying 30 units were sold and the sales rate was 46%. Cash over HK $ 240 million. Among them, the C-flat on the 19th floor was sold at a price of $ 34,901 per sq ft, a record high for the same district. As for Hongan's Tai Wai Fai Chiu and Shang Ka's Wan Chai One Chick, there were also 36 and 21 sales respectively. The news was that only 3 and 1 were sold respectively. In addition, the new site in Nanchang Station Huaxi II yesterday cut the ballot, the news that the cumulative revenue of about 3,647 votes than the first batch of today's sale of 321 excessive registration of 10 times, far less than in March this year, Xi Xi received more than 1.1 million Votes, while the average selling price of a flat for sale today is $ 23,079.

Accumulation of about 248 votes in the West Bank real estate 瑧 蓺 yesterday in the Central Entertainment Market, 32nd Floor, sales offices Pok House, New World even more commercial buildings on the 3rd floor of the Royal Theater Court for prospective buyers waiting area, the reporter yesterday at 3:30 on the Waiting area saw the scene, about 20 groups of prospective buyers at different times, the crowd is not warm.

From 4 o'clock onwards, the developer registered the group of prospective purchasers for the three groups, group S was a New World employee or related person, and the first and second groups of A1 and A2 were big hand buyers with a purchase of 2 to 5 partners and the last group B Retail, registration after the lottery draw order. As for Market J Room 31, Floor 31, an open unit of 221 sq ft priced at $ 10 million is also included. Among them, the high-rise G Room 347 square feet of usable area has been sold to a single room, a discount price of about 10,167,000 yuan, foot price of about 29,300 yuan. Market sources said that artist Lisa took the No. 22 chip and spent 5.886 millionDollar to buy a low-rise open units, according to an area of ​​216 square feet, foot price 27,250 yuan.

Central Plains: users not adapted

Centaline Asia Pacific vice chairman and president Chen Yongjie Residential Department, said the bank attendance of about 60% to 70%, of which users and investors each half. He said due to developers' aggressive offer prices, they were not accustomed to accommodation. As a result, the sales of several on-coming properties have only shrunk in recent days. Only 50% to 60% of sales rates have been set aside. Some developers even retain some units for sale when they start their business.

Bo Yi house tender for sale

New World Park Avenue in Yuen Long Chinese New Village was sold yesterday, 2nd Floor, 2nd Floor, with rooftop C6 units, the transaction price of 4.777 million yuan, foot price of 15,714 yuan, the highest record of the project. The real estate also uploaded new sales arrangements, the first launch of three 8,9 and 10 bids for sale at the next bid.

Department of Road, Yuen Long Tang Village Nanshi Boshan sold by bidding No. 51 House, the transaction price of 43.55 million yuan, foot price 12,500 yuan. The bungalow is equipped with lifts and is divided into five rooms and five sets of interiors and covers an area of ​​3,484 square feet. It connects 1,320 square feet of large gardens and 719 square feet of rooftop, connecting private car parks and a parking space. The project has so far sold 9 bungalows with a combined total of more than 374 million yuan. The average transaction price of each bungalow is nearly 42 million yuan, a record high for the same district.

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