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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Nov: Average price per sq feet $12191 0.29%   (last month:$12156)
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Stock Market Wantang buy Tencent hearing love beauty


Buyers take advantage of the new real estate before the price increase of 4.3 million cash market four-bedroom

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Hong Kong stocks step toward 30000, but also to the King, House King, Cheung Kong then Tsuen Wan Sea Love • Ai Hyun beauty four-family fare increase to 5%, with the purchase of stock King Tencent sold 10,000 shares yesterday, gaining 430 yuan, hitting $ 4.3 million as part of the first phase of buying a $ 24.7 million four-bedroom home in Tsuen Wan. The new site in the Nanchang Railway Station Xi Xi II 119 plus push the original, on sale this Saturday, the first batch of 321 partners.

Cheung Kong real estate investment director Guo Ziwei yesterday said that in response to market conditions, hot, decided to Tsuen Wan sea love. Hyun beauty four-bedroom maximum fare increase from the original 3% to 5%, the fare increase will take effect December 12, the future accumulation of more than 15% space charge expected. Serena Ho, senior sales manager at Cheung Kong, said the sale of the property will be on sale 24 sets this Friday, starting at a discount of $ 15,045,000 and a price of $ 16,086. Love of the Sea series still have more than 220 for sale. Ricacorp mortgages introduced a H + 1.28% mortgage program for the property with a cash rebate of 1.7%. Port Meridian mortgage mortgage for the introduction of H + 1.3% of real estate, cash rebate of up to 1.7%.

Tencent buys more than $ 500

The news that yesterday there is a stake in Wang Tencent buyers while the love of the sea. Love Hyun beauty four-bedroom fare increase soon, see yesterday afternoon Tencent rose to nearly 430 yuan, decided to sell 1 million shares, hired 4.3 million, and only 3 minutes decided to about 24.7 million HKD to buy love of the sea. Love Hyun Mei, Block 3A, 47th Floor, Room A, four bedrooms, area of ​​1,162 square feet, foot price of 21,260 yuan, the amount of the stock as the first phase of the exchange floor. It is reported that the buyer said that if Tencent rose more than 500 yuan, Will buy another love of the sea. Love Hyun beauty four-bedroom.

Tour Xi II plus push to sell on Saturday thirties

Shinsei Deputy Managing Director Thunder said the Nanchang Railway Station Xi Xi II pushed 119 units yesterday, because many of the high-level ocean view households, is the original price plus push, and will be on sale this Saturday 326, the average of 321 comparisons Foot price of 23,079 yuan. The price list shows that the price of 119-plus orders yesterday was raised from $ 10,009,000 to $ 52,121,000 while the price is from $ 27,000 to $ 34,775 per share. Up to 20% of the total discounted price.

Chen Hailin, general manager of the new agent, said the push plus 119, including the devaluation of 10 area area of ​​1,509 square feet four-bedroom apartment study, but also devaluation of two-bedroom apartment, on the day of sale this Saturday Part A component three hours Sales, up to buy 3 partners, A group up to 173 restricted sales, Group B buyers can buy up to 2, Friday cut-off.

V. Walk is pre-leased by kindergarten supermarkets

The new mall at Nam Cheong Station is named "V. Walk" and Sun Ya-yin, the new deputy manager of the agency's lease, said. Walk is aiming for young people aged 20-45 and is expected to open in the first half of 2019. The total GFA of the project will total about 300,000 square feet and will provide about 150 bunk beds with bunk areas of about 700 to 1,500 square feet Rent from about 100 to 200 yuan.

She pointed out that the largest temporary tenant for the supermarket fusion, and the Lonex Kindergarten, is expected to occupy 90% of the leasing rate next year. The portfolio of merchants is mainly fashion, beauty and cosmetics, watches and jewelery, electronic video, specialty restaurants and hypermarkets. It is reported that the Lance Kindergarten rented more than ten thousand square feet underground, three years lease, providing 250 degrees, is expected January 2019 enrollment.

Thunder also refers to the same series of North Sea Hsuan-hsuan first batch of 10 still not cut-off, but guests bids ideal, warm response.

In addition, KLC invests in Ma Tau Kok John Lo yesterday to increase the original price of 30 units, including the top 30 floor 4 gang. The batch of 30 unit price list pricing from 5.475 million to 8.288 million yuan, after the sale price from about 514.65 million yuan. Richemont Mortgage Partners provides John Humphre mortgages with a "Ceiling Mortgage Plan" with a H rate of H + 1.3%, a lock-up cap of P-2.85% and a maximum mortgage interest rate of 80% with the longest repayment term 30 years, 1.7% cash rebate.

Xiling Properties Shangling characteristic households increase 10%

Far East Development yesterday, Xichang real estate Shangling 2 special units increase 10%. Of which 37th Floor, Room A with rooftop units, an area of ​​1,049 square feet, rooftop area of ​​479 square feet, the latest price list priced at 41,632,600 yuan; the other for the 36th floor, A room platform features an area of ​​1,033 square feet, the latest price list priced at 4,091.49 million.

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