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[Interview] Wang Wang Wang shop - fishing over the border silver hair family


The "second generation" often gives the impression of "parenting". After 80, Stan's chairman of STAN GROUP strove to break through himself and hoped to achieve greater success. He is a multi-billion-dollar property that has become a successor to Potter. However, Stan is reluctant to become a "rent-a-star" and actively expand its business. "The next target will be Silver hair market. "Deng Yi-sing recently accepted an interview with Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po more predictions, as soon as this month will announce its plans. ■ text: Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Su Hong Qiang Jie G Peng Ziwen

As asset prices in Hong Kong have been rising year by year, the cost of living has become higher and higher. Many Hong Kong people are unwilling to have children and population aging has become a trend. One after another investors are rushing to find a place in the market as soon as possible. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po recently interviewed STAN GROUP Chairman Tang Yiu-sheng, the other revealed that the full deployment of a foot in the silver market, with its current business focused on the young market in a very different direction. "The next target is in the silver market, which will dominate the concept of three generations of communion, clubs and residential developments." Stan predicted that from November to December, it would announce its "fishing out of bounds" program. The project is expected to be launched as early as March next year.

Its business mainly to young people

In fact, Deng Yao-sheng's business is full of multiple claws, including sharing of workplaces, restaurants, hotels, weddings and education. From the perspective of "licensing" many are related to young people. The visit was held on the same day as the shared workplace of Deng's THE WAVE, an industrial building in Kwun Tong. At the scene, many young people in the workplace gathered for work and they were free to shuttle in the work desk. The atmosphere was very lively.

Check the information, early Deng Chengbo to 178 million purchase of a factory building in Kwun Tong and activation, the development of today THE WAVE, and later resale with a basket of other properties. However, STAN GROUP is still operating in the complex. "The first phase was relatively young. I had four layers of tight Co-working concepts and I was tight on the seventh floor." According to the government's announcement in late October, THE WAVE will participate in the government-sponsored Of youth share space programs and are operated by STAN GROUP themselves. Tang Yiu-sing revealed: "As soon as Kwun Tong is tightened up, another position will be opened. Mudan will follow a mature path."

Hong Kong green creative for entrepreneurship

At present, the era of popularization of science and technology and information is overflowing. Deng Yi-sing believes that today's young generation in Hong Kong is quite creative and enthusiastic and is very suitable for starting a business. "Whether you want to work as a lifelong career or want to test your own enthusiasm and execution, starting a business is a good way to exercise your business acumen and your character. Whether you are doing business in the future or not, All have good experience. "He added that Hong Kong's proximity to" New Silicon Valley "Shenzhen, coupled with its own tax system and sound legal system, is well suited to the development of innovative technologies.

Stan has a basket of properties, including 14 hotels and 2 serviced residences, and nearly 10 billion silver bullets have been launched in recent years. Earlier media reports Deng had plans to pack the group listed, this time Stan took the opportunity to clarify that the listing may not be the best choice: " family started, the fastest from 2019 to 2020 to pick the edge of the first species, the fund, the market or Housing is not yet set, the target system to prepare the first decision. "Stan said next year will focus on the development of asset management team business, will do for different funds" asset package ", depending on the appropriate fund or operating strategy to select the property.

Tuen Mun hotel long-term expected appreciation

Its hotel location is often located in Tuen Mun or Kwai Chung and other livelihood areas, the industry as a "mountain", but Deng Yaosheng disagree. He believes that the current downtown commercial price, many consortia are planning to urban hotel into commercial buildings. "Even in Tuen Mun or Kwai Chung, it may take only half an hour to go to the urban area and Tuen Mun may not necessarily need to leave Tuen Mun so I have to be laughed but in the long run I think it is a good strategy."

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.