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Wait and see activation policy to push the owners of industrial and commercial increase hope incentives


Pig skulls lack of supporting worry about the cost-effective low transformation

Although the industry in Hong Kong is modest, the utilization rate of industrial buildings is still high. The new version of the industrial building in the "Policy Address" also plays a decisive role. The Chief Executive re-cited the revitalization of industrial buildings and the redevelopment of industrial buildings for other non-industrial uses such as the sharing of work spaces and transitional housing. However, Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po recently interviewed two local manufacturers and investors, invariably referring to "Activation and Activation." There are currently remaining "pig skulls" that have technical problems or have low activation values. The government needs to provide new incentives or packages Attract owners to revitalize, ease the urgent need of business and housing space shortage, and further release the value of industrial buildings. ■ Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Su Hongqiang reporter

"Made in Hong Kong" products are internationally renowned. However, the transformation of Hong Kong's industrial buildings today has seen less than the traditional manufacturing industry. In recent years, the government has proposed to re-industrialize and give industrial buildings new value. The current government plans to rebuild the activation plan. Those involved in the revitalization of industrial buildings think that there is not much point in redeveloping the industry if the authorities do not improve the regulations. Li Xiuheng, president of the China Manufacturers Association, said: "Activation has been implemented for six years. If it is renewed, it is not meaningful to activate it. There is no real chance of activation."

Difficult to increase facilities to rehabilitate more

"Industrial restructuring, but the policy has not been transformed, the re-industrialization industry can not do industrial work, so funny. Science Park can do Lab (lab), industrial buildings do well." Li Xiuheng that the government should re-industry Definition, to meet the market development. "Activation, I think it is a temporary solution," this "is the definition of industry.For example, to do fashion, factories can move to the mainland, Hong Kong can still do design, promotion, Sample room (sample showroom), it is all industry. "

For the policy of industrial buildingsSuggestions, Li Xiuheng that the next wave of start from the demolition, for example, to provide premium concessions, increase incentives for the owners to rebuild. For example, he pointed out that in the old industrial buildings, there was no water tank. However, it was hard for the owners to vacate the floors and build water tanks or pumps. "The only solution is to tear down new ones."

The Kwai Chung activation project KC100, which is owned by Lee Hsiu-hang, was completed in 2015 with an investment of 600 million yuan. The salable rent per square foot was raised from about 11 HKD before activation to 22-25 yuan. However, Lee still refers to the activation of the business is not necessarily good, management and maintenance staff costs will increase substantially. "In the past, management fees were flat and two watchmen (security guards) confused;

Mr Tang Yi-sing, chairman of STAN GROUP, which holds a number of initiatives to rejuvenate industrial buildings and re-energizes industrial buildings, welcomed the move. However, it described activation and early enjoyment as early as possible.

Owing to a large increase in traffic pressure on the parking lot

"It is useless to switch to shopping malls," said Tang Yiu-sing, referring to the need to introduce new industries after the industrial restructuring. Build parking lots, assess traffic and view fire support. "The revitalization of the first industrial building will not add much to the traffic burden on the area, but it will get tighter as the local traffic increases." Suggestions If the government helps to build large-scale Parking and other facilities, it is expected to increase incentives.

Tang Yiu-sing believes that if the activation of industrial buildings is resumed, it is believed that the response will not be repeated for the first round of "activation because conditions have been activated." Activation is not necessarily attractive to the current industrial property owners. The dispersal of industrial property rights is one of the reasons. To unify the entire property ownership protracted. "In many cases, it is not necessary for the factory owners to have money to hold their own factory. If the factory is transformed from factory to factory, it is not possible to return to the factory, to activate the factory and move away from the existing operation. % Consent of the property, so 10 people do not agree to agree to have one. "

Ownership is not uniform materials difficult to change residential

Chief Executive proposed to study the industrial building converted to transitional housing, the idea of ​​refreshing the community, but Deng Yaosheng expressed his reservations. In addition to the definition of "transition", it also depends on commercial incentives. For example, if the floor area of ​​a large industrial building is large or if the middle position is to be changed to a patio to meet residential lighting, whether wasted floor will be obtained make up? How to restore a few years later? "To think about whether it is worth the extra cost and how much we can add value to in the end, all are business practices."

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.