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Central Central 40 billion easy to master


Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese buyers

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin, Su Hongqiang) spread more than a year of the Central Center astronomical transactions eventually exposed cup. Mr Li Ka-shing's announcement last night announced that it would sell 75% of the Central Bank's interests in the history of Hong Kong with a profit of $ 22.27 billion at $ 22.27 million, with a total of about $ 122.27 sq ft of floor space. Buyer is the British Virgin Islands registered "China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Peace Development Asia Real Estate Limited". Market news means that the overseas company is a consortium of Chinese state energy storage group (Hong Kong) and local investors.

Cheung Kong announced last night that the Central Bank was sold in the form of a share transfer and that the buyer was "CHMTPeaceful Development Asia Property Limited" (CHMTPeaceful Development Asia Property Limited), a company registered under the laws of the British Virgin Islands The establishment of the company. Market news refers to the actual buyers portfolio, including China National Energy Storage Group (Hong Kong), together with the local investors, including Lu Wendou, minibus king Ma Yaguo, tape king Chen Bingzhi, known as "logistics Zhang" Zhang Yunchi and Asian real estate founder Cai Zhizhong people.

Chinese partner local consortium to discuss the years

News that China's National Energy Storage Group (Hong Kong) accounted for 55% of local investors accounted for 45% of the number of transactions have been discussed for more than a year. It is said that the two sides have signed an agreement to buy and sell the property before the completion of the transaction can not be resold (that is, not "goods"), in addition to the buyers will retain some of the floor for personal use, the other temporary planning long line rent, Yuan, the rate of return of about 3%.

For the implementation of the Central Center change hands"The sale and purchase of real estate is the company's own business, the company's daily business. The government is a piece of land for sale, many Hong Kong company's property is sold to the mainland enterprises, today, this is very common Thing, no seller, international and Mainland new funds, how can the channel come to Hong Kong?

It was stated that the consideration was determined on a fair basis by the Vendor and the Purchaser, taking into account various factors, including the most recent market transactions in Hong Kong and the prevailing market conditions. The transaction price is paid in cash and allows the buyer to rename the Central Bank.

Long earned 145 billion or special interest

For the financial year ended 31 December 2016, the consolidated net profit (including changes in the fair value of the property) of the property after taxation and non-current items amounted to approximately RMB3,385 million. The book value of the property in the consolidated financial statements dated 31 December 2016 is approximately RMB19.825 billion. As expected, the proceeds from the sale were approximately $ 14.5 billion and the proceeds from the sale would be used as general working capital.

Market people look forward to, Chang real this time to sell the Central Center or will be distributed special interest. However, there are also analysts believe that Cheung Tung is interested in diversifying investment in overseas infrastructure energy business, does not rule out the use of this collection of funds and then overseas acquisitions.

Knight Frank Senior Director and Director of Valuation and Consultation, Mr Lam Ho-man, estimates that the transaction rents will be about 3%. Due to the large number of parking spaces in the Central Center, some of the funds can be withdrawn if they are sold separately. He also estimated that the next 6 to 12 months in Shangluo commercial transactions increased, the cost may also increase. The future will continue to invest overseas and Hong Kong, mainly high-quality office buildings and residential land.

Repeated sales for 1 year appreciation of 12.6%

Over the past year more than the Central Center changed hands rumors version of the numerous, the first pass the price of 30 billion yuan, has spread the buyer has Industrial and Commercial Bank (1398) its ICBC Asia, China Postal Savings Bank (1658), but both are To be denied. Last year in October and then came the 35.6 billion HKD to buy the building, now 40.2 billion HKD turnover, a year appreciation of 12.6%.

Cheung Kong Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong also frequently painted in recent months, repeatedly said the project is still held by the Cheung Kong, no one authorized to sell the property, two days ago, repeatedly advised the agent is invalid, will be to the real estate Acting by the Authority to make a complaint. In the ear, the group yesterday in the Stock Exchange notice, confirmed 75% stake in the Central Center changed hands. With sales of residential properties in Hong Kong this year, Cheung Kong's sales revenue in Hong Kong this year has been close to $ 90 billion.

Cheung Kong's rental income for the financial year ended 2016 was $ 7.43 billion, up 45% year-over-year and office property accounted for 42% of revenue. Rental income for the period was $ 6.784 billion, up 50% year-on-year and about 93% The After the sale of the Central Center, Cheung Kong Group, Hong Kong, Hutchison Building, 1/2, Hung Hom Beach Plaza, Tsing Yi Hutchison Telecommunications Building.

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