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Cheung Kong deny breaking bulk The Center, agnet stop to sell


Hong Kong Wen Wei reported (Reporter Su Hongqiang, Liang Yueqin) earlier reported that more than 40 billion HKD to reach the end of the price of the Central Center, recently rumors of rumors. Yesterday, the agency issued an internal notice, instructed the frontline agent to suspend the sale of the Central Center promotional activities. Mr. Cheung Kwok-hung, Executive Director of Cheung Kong, reiterated that the Central Center property was currently held by the Company and that the Company did not authorize any person to dispose of the Central Center property held by the Company.

Cheung Kong: no unauthorized sale of any person

The notice of the agent means that the owner has not yet published the sale of the property and has never authorized the sale of the other person. If the owner has not authorized the permission to sell the property or violate the relevant legislation. And whether the Central Center for sale or the sale of the relevant approach, all to the actual announcement shall prevail.

Cheung Kong Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong reiterated that the Central Center Property is currently held by the Company and the Company does not authorize any person to resell and hold the Central Center property. Data show that the Central Center was completed in 1998, by Cheung Kong holds 70% stake, involving about 1.22 million square feet of floor. Earlier media reports that the project was funded by the Chinese capital of 40.2 billion HKD to the end, potential tripod Hong Kong's largest full commercial buildings, buyers for the mainland oil group led by the consortium; the year before the building has spread to 35.7 billion HKD 75% equity interest.

Commercial land more and more expensive, commercial and also have a price of the city, the recent lack of all commercial property transactions and sale. Sheung Wan Pui Li Street Commercial City Construction Bureau project, recently by the Wing Tai real estate and capital strategy group consortium investment, city mass transaction price of up to 11.6 billion yuan, expected to have been approved by the URA has been the most expensive project. In the first half of the year, Hong Kong was born in the commercial and commercial areas. In May, the company commended Central Merlin Road in May for $ 23.28 billion. After two weeks, Nan Fung took $ 24.6 billionKai Tak commercial, Ying Hong Kong commercial king, the news that the market further look forward to commercial prospects.

In recent years, Hong Kong has recorded a number of super-huge commercial transactions, the two largest are located in Wan Chai, buyers are Chinese-funded consortia, Everbright Group last year to 10 billion HKD to buy Wanchai New Financial Center, later renamed the Everbright Center; The amount of the case for the Hengda in 2015 to 12.5 billion purchase of the United States Wantong Building, later renamed Hengda Center.

Excelsior Hotel tender not to recover

But not every commercial property auction, let the owners get their wish. Wenhua Oriental announced the sale of Excelsior in June, when the market valuation of the project ranged from 27.4 billion HKD to 34.2 billion yuan, but in September when the Mandarin said the banners did not fully meet the expectations or transaction requirements, the property declared testers.

Champagne announced in July the Langham Place office in Mong Kok for global tender. The office can be sold part of the floor of the floor more than 70 million square feet, the market valuation of up to 30,000 HKD per square floor. So the total sale of the project can be valued at more than 24 billion yuan. There is no further news yet.

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