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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Feb: Average price per sq feet $10929 5.39%   (last month:$10370)
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Kin Sang Estate became the top of Tuen Mun public housing


Foot price of the first broken 10,000 mark 208 points to sell 225 million

Hong Kong Wenhui News property market continued to heat up, the new real estate prices opened higher, Tuen Mun City. The average price of the first and second installment units is as high as 15,000 yuan, making it the most expensive project in Tuen Mun. The area of ​​the village area of ​​208 square feet to the latest 225 million (paid land) transaction, the price of 10,817 HKD per foot, for the housing estates and Tuen Mun public housing prices for the first time exceeded 10,000 HKD mark, The price of gold

Cheung Yi Estate Director Hu Zhiwei said that the recent branch recorded Tuen Mun Public Housing Village 6 (Tai Sheng Building) high-rise 3 rooms turnover, an area of ​​208 square feet, by the outside area on the car off, new buyers love the area supporting perfect , And the property price of the budget, but also to undertake a longer mortgage period, the load on the car more easily, then decided to 2.25 million HKD (land premium) to buy the site. The average unit price per foot is $ 10,817, which is the same as the new record in the same estate. It is also the first public housing estate in Tuen Mun.

Hu Zhiwei that part of the prospective on the train for the car, the mentality has gradually changed. As long as the property is low, can undertake a longer mortgage period, even if the unit is also relatively sought-after cage.

A city two-room special households 5 million new high

Private property is not much better, Century 21 Qifeng property Li Jiawen said the property market under the hot, the bank recently contributed to the first city of Sha Tin turnover, the unit is 46 high-level rooftop special households, an area of ​​304 square feet, 2 room interval, sitting To the northwest look Shatin City King, to 500.8 million change hand, foot price of 16,474 yuan, the same type of unit cost of a new high. The original owners in June 2014 to purchase the site, when the price of 3.7 million yuan, holding the goodsJust over 3 years SSD period loose sell, book profit of 1.308 million yuan, the unit appreciation of 35%.

At the same time, the estate recorded a number of transactions. According to the century 21 Qi Feng property and the Central Plains real estate information, a high-rise C room, the unit area of ​​327 square feet, 2 room interval, within the garden view to 4.91 million HKD turnover, price of 15,015 HKD per square foot. In addition, four low-level D room, an area of ​​853 square feet, three rooms and suites interval, to 9.3 million HKD to sell, the average price of 10,903 HKD per foot.

Pak Fuk Garden two rooms 580 million record

Other areas, the 21st day rose real estate Huang Wenlong said North Point Pak Fuk Garden two housing units hit a new high, the case from the middle of the Fook Court middle room F, an area of ​​415 square feet, 2 room interval, the original offer price of 6 million yuan, after the bargain Price of 200,000 HKD to 5,800,000 HKD to sell, the price of 13,976 HKD per foot, the same type of housing in the same record high. The original owner in July 2012 to purchase the property, then the price of 3.4 million yuan, holding 5 years book profit 71%.

Huang Wenlong added that the new high turnover reflects the sharp rise in property prices, similar two-bedroom units earlier this year recorded 5.2 million HKD turnover, just six months time will jump 600,000 yuan.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.