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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Oct: Average price per sq feet $12192 2.6%   (last month:$11883)
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"20 Mortgage" Sunshine City was taken


Unable to supply silver real estate agent for half a month then 22 single

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Leng Le) Although the high prices of property, but the market is still a lot of owners because of "press the" and make the unit into the silver real estate, recently Ma On Shan Newport City, more "20" , So that the market staggering. While the market continued to be weak, the Hong Kong-based branch data show that 35 large-scale housing estates in the past week (August 7 to 13) recorded 40 transactions, although the weekly by 48%, but the line analysis In fact, the property market trading is only from the "very low level" to "low".

Century 21 website shows that in August the bank in just two weeks, received a total of 22 new silver real estate for sale, of which 16 were residential units. Which yesterday added five silver real estate, from Ma On Shan Newport City, Tsuen Wan Hao King Garden, To Kwa Wan Kai Le Building, Yau Ma Te Hing Fat Building and Mong Kok Ka Hing Court. Among them, to Ma On Shan Newport City unit of the most attention, the unit in 1997 after buying, had "20 press", and finally reduced to silver real estate.

Newport City valuation gap

According to the web information, the new port city unit for the E-seat low-level 4 rooms, the practical area of ​​625 square feet, is a three-bedroom units, silver main offer price of 8.5 million yuan, 13,200 HKD per square foot. Unit online valuation mixed, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank online valuation of 9.06 million yuan, the silver valuation is only 7.79 million yuan.

Land Registry data show that the unit in February 1997 transactions, jointly by the two to 44.68 million HKD to buy, to April 2014 to 305 million transfer of half of the ownership to one of them. Over the past 20 years, the unit has recorded about 20 times plus records, an average year by year, involving a number of privateFinance company, it is estimated that the owners eventually refused to receive the building because of the inability to pay.

In recent months, the market appears more than the number of silver real estate, mainly to home ownership of HOS flats can not be spared. It seems that in mid-June, there is a "23" main property for the Tseung Kwan O Houses in Ho Ming Court, which is more "exalted" than the "real estate" Data show that the new real estate is located in the lower 13 rooms, the area of ​​489 square feet, the silver was the price of 5 million HKD (free market price), but yesterday's latest information was 4.89 million yuan, flat 2.2%.

Second-hand market trading low

Market trading continued to be soft, and the Hong Kong-based 35 major housing estates recorded 40 transactions in the past week (August 7 to 13), compared with the previous week (July 31 to August 6 Day) rose about 48.1% of the 27 cases. Even though the number of housing estates rose significantly in the last week, the number of housing estates rose significantly, but mainly due to the low number of cases in the previous week. In fact, even if the 35 estates rebounded to 40 transactions last week, they were actually low The number is only from the "very low level" to "low".

In the past two weeks, there were 67 transactions in the housing estates from 31 July to 13 August, representing about 6.9% less than the 72 transactions in the first two weeks of the previous month (July 3 to July 16). It is clear that even if trading last week rebounded significantly, it was not yet in the same period last month.

Midland Real Estate analyst Liu Jiahui pointed out that the market has a new large-scale real estate deployment debut, into the focus of the property market, I believe that short-term second-hand trading in the low level hovering.

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