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Fo Tan population increase the old building overturned


In the face of changes in the economic model, the government has planned to transform the traditional industrial areas in recent years. There will be a large supply of public housing in Fo Tan, which will increase by more than 10,000 in the next four years. The industry believes that the increase in residential population will bring business opportunities in the district, to promote their diversified development, for the old building to give new value.

In the early years of the Government, the Government has put forward a series of measures to alleviate the housing shortage problem, including changing the use of the land in the buildings, speeding up the redevelopment of the old industrial areas and transforming the suitable industrial and commercial buildings into public housing estates. In recent years, the Government has made a number of sites for the development of public housing estates, including public housing projects in the vicinity of Gui Tin Village, which is about 2.84 million square feet. It is expected to provide 4,800 flats. Secondly, the Sheung Wan Street HOS flats , Can be built about 537,000 square feet, will provide 810 units of units.

More than 10,000 people settled in the development of diversified

The Au Pui Wan Street project, which is converted into residential use for industrial use, covers about 347,000 square feet of floor space and provides 800 subsidy for the sale of flats. The above three projects provided a total of more than 6,400 units, expected to be completed in the next four years, for the Fo Tan area has brought 10,000 resident population.

As a matter of fact, the utilization rate of the property is not low. According to the Planning Department, there are about 15.96 million square feet of floc, with a vacancy rate of about 1.5% and an average vacancy rate of about 3.5% low. In addition to traditional industries, Fo Tan is also the first industrial area in Hong Kong to enter the industrial area, which is more known is the "charcoal art village", each year "charcoal studio open day" is the local arts event.

Chief Executive Officer of the Associated Industry and Commerce Company, Mr Chan De On, said that Hong Kong's industries had moved northward since the 1980s and thousands of industrial units were vacant.The use of various non-industrial use came into being, such as art studios, fist boxes, tutorials and online shopping points, etc., the current area of ​​fireworks is still lower than other areas of water, I believe that with the increase in population, Will be able to attract more different types of tenants stationed.

Traffic need to improve the anti-traffic vehicles

In addition, the Government has proposed last year that it is seeking to relax the restrictions on the use of lower-level units in buildings and buildings in compliance with fire safety and fire safety. Chen Dean believes that with the future population surge in the area, the demand for restaurants and retail and other livelihood industries will increase significantly. If this is done, it will be conducive to the diversified development of buildings in the area. At the same time, it will also create more jobs for the region The

On the other hand, due to the high utilization rate of industrial and commercial buildings in the district, there are a large number of companies engaged in such as packaging, cold storage, hardware and food processing. Therefore, truck vehicles are in and out of the area, such as the population in the future The opportunity to appear people and other traffic situation. Therefore, Mr CHAN suggested that the Government should implement the housing policy and strengthen the facilities and transport network in the district.

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