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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jul: Average price per sq feet $12188 0.82%   (last month:$12089)
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Kai Tak 1 (II) plus push on Sunday to sell 290 people


(Reporter Yan Leng Le) China Overseas Group Co., Ltd.'s Kai Tak "Hong Kong people in Hong Kong" project Kai Tak 1 (II) yesterday announced the addition of 119 units in the first five units, all over ten million yuan, the price The average price of 24,395 HKD per square foot, the maximum discount of 12.5%, excluding the floor and apartment factors, compared with the previous batch of units 2%. The admission unit for the five 3 floor A room, an area of ​​547 square feet, discount price also 10.35 million yuan. This batch of units will be sold together with the previous offer units on Sunday, a total of 290 partners. As for the new land under the Yuen Long Kam Tin North PARK YOHO Genova on the same day with its striker, involving 22 groups.

China Overseas Group Co., Ltd. Managing Director You Weiguang said yesterday that Kai Tak 1 (II) provided a total of 624, the new push No. 6 price unit 119 units for the fifth unit of the last unit of the price list. As for the project is now 23 groups of 4 rooms 2 sets of garden mansion units, plans to tender the form of sale, details released after the announcement.

Plus push more than 10 million households

As for the project, the sales arrangements will be made on Sunday. A total of 290 flats will be available on Sundays, all at Block 5 and at 8 pm on Friday, with a maximum of 2 votes per person.

This is a total of 44 units of the two units, 37 two rooms with storage room units, 36 three-bedroom units, 2 special units, the area from 547 square feet to 799 square feet range, the price from the price Ranging from $ 1,183,000 to $ 20.91 million. You can enjoy a maximum of 12.5% ​​discount on discounts and special discounts on "90% cash coupon" plus "stamp duty allowance". The most expensive unit of this batch of units for the 36 floor D and G room, an area of ​​799 square feet, The price of 2,091 million price, after the discount price and foot price were 1,829 million and 22,899 yuan.

He said that as a result of the introduction of different flats and flats on the 5th of the Unit, the actual increase was about 2%.

Genova pushed 22 divisions on Sunday

In addition to Kai Tak 1 (II), the first-hand residential sales information network data show that the new land under the Yuen Long Kam Tin North PARK YOHO Genova plus push No. 7 price of a total of 74 units, the unit area of ​​489 square feet to 1,061 square feet The single price ranges from $ 8.01 million to $ 17.54 million at an average price of $ 14,985 per sq ft. Developers maintain a maximum discount of 19%, the unit discount price of 6.49 million yuan. At the same time, the real estate distribution, will be sold on Sunday 22 partners. Sources said the individual unit floor prices have increased, an increase of about 2%.

In addition to the new real estate prices plus push, the new real estate also recorded a new high turnover. The news revealed that the real estate under the Tsuen Wan sea love. Love show the United States on Thursday recorded a number of transactions, including 3A, 46th Floor, D room, the transaction price of 16.42 million yuan, the price of 20,028 HKD per foot, a new project housing 3. It is reported that the project again on Thursday to attract the mainland to visit the passenger group visit.

Hang Lung Huang Nai Chung house over 300 million transactions

In addition, Hang Lung Properties Wong Nai Chung Lan Tong Road 23-39 mansion earlier launched 37B House tender for sale, and ultimately to 3.083 billion HKD turnover, 66,058 HKD per square foot. The mansion has a usable area of ​​4,599 square feet and is 3 stories high. There are 5 suites with a staff suite and 393 sq.ft. and 1,325 sq. Ft.

Another news that Xing Sheng to create the fire charcoal Le Lin Road No. 8 Mount Vienna buyers bid more than 700 million HKD to buy. Data show that the project is an 8-storey residential building, which was approved for sale in May this year, offering 12 units of large units, including 8 standard units of about 1,700 square feet, and 4 square blocks of about 2,600 square feet To 2,700 square feet of underground or top duplex units. Developers had expected early this month to open the floor, upload books, and even sales.

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