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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jul: Average price per sq feet $12188 0.82%   (last month:$12089)
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Edition 178 sell 136 units, choose flat on Saturday.


AVA 61 tail fare increase of 3% admission fee of 3.45 million

Hong Kong Wen Wei News (Reporter Su Hongqiang, Liang Yueqin) price of new real estate hot, Luhua family's Sham Shui Po AVA 61 yesterday to take advantage of the price increase and push the last 8, folded real 3.458 million yuan, scheduled for Saturday to the first Available in the form of sale. The real estate also announced the sale of 13 shops, the market value of more than 289 million yuan. As for the planning and sales of HSBC Resources, Kwai Fong-feng also decided to "sell" the whole property on this Saturday.

According to the AVA 61 latest price list, the last 8 units are very high-level units, covering an area of ​​150 square feet to 232 square feet, priced between 375.9 million to 6.32 million yuan, the price from 23,534 HKD to 28,520 yuan. Developers maintain a maximum discount of 8%, discounted after the entry fee of 3.458 million yuan. Vinda to create project manager Cai Renhui said that the new price alone than the previous unit generally raised about 3%. The project has been sold for 98 people, cash more than 420 million yuan, the average price of about 22,000 yuan.

AVA 61 shop to sell the most common 6.17 million

As for the shops, the area ranges from 288 square feet to 1,016 square feet, ranging from $ 6.17 million to $ 43.68 million. There are 8 shops and about $ 43,000 to $ 54,000 for footwear. There are 5 rooms on the first floor, ranging from $ 1.8 to $ 19,600. Developers to provide 2 and a half trading period, 120 days after signing the contract price of two into the "air to the end." Cai Renhui said, AVA 61 full sale, the group in the short term no other residential projects launched.

Another new real estate, Kwai Fong Fung last night announced this week to push the whole sale of real estate 136, 7:00 tomorrow,Row of lots of arrangements for the order, will be divided into A, B1 and B2 three groups of flats. among them. 6 for the internal subscription A group; B1 group for each ticket can only buy two groups, of which 1 group for the designated units; B2 group for each ticket can only buy two groups. The real estate all 136 have announced the price list, fold the average price of 17,364 HKD per foot. News that the real estate accumulated more than 3,450 votes, exceeding 24.3 times.

Yufeng parking capacity to increase over the house

In addition, Henderson Land yesterday to Ma On Shan Yinghai. Yufeng 5 units unit fare increase of about 2%. Among them, 15 5 floor B room price price from 2,506.2 million to 2,556.3 million. The real estate parking spaces are also increased, 8 parking spaces more than 7.1% increase, expensive to 2.3 million yuan.

Among them, R653 parking lot price from 2.1 million raised to 2.25 million yuan. The parking spaces at the end of March when the sale of only 1.89 million yuan, less than six months cumulative increase of 19%.

First-hand real estate transactions. Hang Lung real estate in Tai Kok Tsui Long Cheng Tsui and then sold a group of top-level duplex households, for the 9 51 floor and rooftop layer C room, an area of ​​1,214 square feet, even 1,089 square feet platform and rooftop, the price of 34,185,000 yuan, $ 28,159.

Genova re-record the case

In addition, the new land in Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova re-recorded case, from the 16A 7th floor E unit, an area of ​​251 square feet, open space, the original July 30 to 354.6 million HKD to sell, but no progress, Expected by the developers to kill 17.7 million yuan. Developers immediately updated the price, the unit price of the price of 4.148 million HKD by 5% to 4.356 million HKD to sell, the price rose to 17,355 HKD per foot.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.