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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jul: Average price per sq feet $12188 0.82%   (last month:$12089)
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luxury market follow the stock, Property market and price both become good


Langcheng Bay double double broken top Jun Bao pushed eight on Friday to the city

Hong Kong stocks fell nearly a thousand points in recent months, the wealth effect spread to the property market. Ka Wah International's Aberdeen Deep Bay 9 yesterday to implement the sale of 13,940 million houses, foot price of 50,000 yuan. On the same day, Hang Lung, Tai Hang Tsui, Tai Hang Tsui, also raised the price of the new price and the new price, the top duplex unit sold for $ 48.72 million and the price of $ 33,280. First-hand luxury real estate transactions turned significantly under the Changshou yesterday announced the Ma Tau Kok Junbao on Friday to sell 8, folded real 3,971 million.

Long real estate investment director Huang Sicong said, Jun Bai recently subscribed to 8 weeks in 2 weeks, cash more than 317 million, reflecting the market continued to pursue. In order to carry out the sales strategy of the Group in the second half of the year, it is only for a limited number of promotions, involving 8 groups, including the third floor of the 18th floor, Room A, floor decoration units. In the same district to buy less rare factors, the Group to consider the short term adjustment of the project price.

Cheung Kwong Ling Senior Operations Manager Yang Guiling said that the 8 units are located in Block 3 and Block 5, of which 4 are located on the 18th floor. Each unit area of ​​1,624 square feet to 1,654 square feet, the average price of 37,233 yuan, priced at 57.55 million HKD to 68.341 million yuan, the average price of 25,691 HKD per foot, discounted from 391.71 million HKD to 47.16 million yuan.

Yongtai Into the season push nine belly two real estate

As for the last week at a price of 50,000 HKD to break the project record sold duplex units of the Hung Hom He Wen Tin Shan, the developer Wing Tai real estate development executive director and sales and marketing director Zhong Zhilin said yesterday that the Shau Kei Wan Fuk Road project has been approved Sale of flowers agreed to the book, will be long-term rental, and Sha Tin nine belly two luxury projects 沄 Han and 沄 Feng fastest this quarterSale The group commissioned by the Central Plains agent Ho Man Tin Shan remaining eight characteristics of the unit sales.

The remaining 8 units of special units, an area of ​​1,002 square feet to 1,372 square feet, folded into the amount of 30.49 million yuan, folding price from 30,433 yuan. Zhong Zhilin refers to the concept of the Bay Area, plus Hong Kong is an international city, the demand for luxury, the future optimistic about the luxury market.

Deep 9 Kun Lun house to sell one after another

Luxury transactions, Ka Wah International's Aberdeen Deep Bay 9 earlier tender 18 Garden house, yesterday to implement the sale of 13.94 billion yuan. The villa area of ​​2,788 square feet, with 996 square feet of garden and 57 square feet platform, foot price of 50,000 yuan. As for Hang Lung, a total of $ 1,464 square feet, about 851 sq ft platform and rooftop, and $ 33,280 in foot price, will be sold at $ 4,872.2 million. In addition, Chinachem successfully bid for the sale of Tuen Mun Kunlun low-rise underground to 2nd floor 36A houses, the transaction price of 3,304.4 million.

Central Plains Asia-Pacific Vice President and President of Housing Chen Yongjie said that the first 7 months of this year, more than 30 million HKD in Kowloon area hand traded 366 cases, compared with 215 cases over the same period last year rose 70%. Over the past two months, Hong Kong stocks have risen by a thousand points, and the wealth effect has had a positive effect on the property market, especially for luxury properties of more than $ 30 million. He also pointed out that in July the Central Plains Hong Kong Ministry of Housing commission income of more than 240 million yuan, expected August will rise 30% to 40%, reaching 350 million to 400 million yuan.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.