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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jul: Average price per sq feet $12188 0.82%   (last month:$12089)
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Investors like it, Novi sold 98 units.


Kai Tak on the 1st received more than 2,200 votes to be 5 million to buy a donation of 9-year-old woman

Hong Kong Wen Wei News (Reporter Zhang Meiting) US interest rate is expected to cool, developers to accelerate the pace of real estate, over the past two days turnover of more than 137 cases, up 1.7 times the week. Li Xin development of the project Mong Kok Yat-sen yesterday to sell the first batch of 98 units, to the evening all sold, the fastest announced today and push details. In addition, China's overseas Kai Tak 1 (II) yesterday to continue to vote, the market estimates as of 6 pm last night, a total of more than 2,200 votes were received.

Yixin yesterday to sell the first batch of 98 units, most of the open, there are 60 sets of discounted entry price of 2.8 million yuan, 51 partners less than 400 million. The project began registration of the first round of the ticket at 9:00 am yesterday and the second round of registration at about 1 pm. There was no serious snake cake. The developer arranged a free buffet for the buyer in a restaurant near Cheung Sha Wan Plaza. Some buyers bought the flats with the estate agent to the restaurant.

Lixin Development Senior Vice President Pan Ruimin said yesterday that the project received 1,250 subscription registration to 98 guys, exceeding 11 times, the material 6 to become users, the remaining 4 to become investors; most of the ticket for young people.

Lixin: investors accounted for up to four into

He also pointed out that as of 1 pm yesterday, the project has sold 27 partners, of which 24 are public buyers, 3 groups for the group within the subscription, I believe that two units involved in about 2 million to 3 million yuan.

Many buyers yesterday to buy Yixin open units. Hong Kong, who is living in Tuen Mun, said that the project was close to Mong Kok and that it was easy to rent. She continued to have confidence in the current property market, not worried about the government tightening mortgage loans. Another buyer Lu smallSister is that the project price slightly more expensive, but the location is good, it also spent more than 390 million to buy open units.

Yee new floor high buyers to propose loft

As for the first home of Mr. Guo refers to about 300 million purchase of open units, plans to join the project after the loft, the use of high-level features of the project floor.

Kai Tak on the 1st investment 3% return

In addition, China's overseas Kai Tak 1 (II) a new batch of units yesterday to continue to vote. According to the reporter saw the scene, queuing to visit demonstration units, mainly to investors based. Chen Tai said that the project unit has not been drawn earlier, so yesterday, "make persistent efforts," Ji buy about 5 million HKD a house, sent to a pair of daughters for future living. At present, her mother is only 9 years old, she said with a smile, expect the two sisters have to take care.

In addition, the Air House Miss Lin said that the pace of US interest rate slowdown in the second half of the property market will be stable and slightly down, so Ji invested 6 million HKD to invest in the project, expect a minimum of 3% return.

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