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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jul: Average price per sq feet $12188 0.82%   (last month:$12089)
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"Hong Kong people in Hong Kong" is not available


Kai Tak 1 (II) push 63 fold real average price of 18875 HKD per foot

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) in the face of the region continued to have a new sale of real estate, for the sake of goods, has been the building of Kai Tak "Hong Kong people in Hong Kong" project Kai Tak 1 (II) No. 5 first 63 The average discount rate of 21,572 yuan, the maximum discount rate of 12.5%, the average discount price of 18,875 yuan, folding real fee of about 5.96 million yuan, the same period than the beginning of the first batch of 125 fold the average price of expensive 7.3% , Lower than the same period property prices rose 10.8%. Developers China Overseas Real Estate Managing Director Yu Weiguang said, plus push will raise prices, today began to vote, the fastest sale next week.

You Wei-guang said that the offer and the recent decline in new real estate sales market has nothing to do, but taking into account the overall planning, unit quality, materials and area distribution to determine the price, are market strategy. He also believes that the price is difficult to compare with the launch of the real estate before the unit, because the quality is different, and the fifth is the nearest station square, but admitted to the beginning of this year compared to the third batch of the last batch of units have increased, % To 3%, pricing still has reference to Kowloon Station property, and will provide two press. He also said that when the unit will increase the fare increase.

You Weiguang: plus the fare increase

The first batch of 63 clubs, including 19 seats, 36 rooms, 6 rooms, 3 rooms and 2 persons, with an area of ​​375 square feet to 799 square feet, an average price of 21,572 HKD Yuan, the maximum discount rate of 12.5%, fold the average price of 18,875 HKD per foot. One room is not the most flat 6 million, for the five 3 floor C room, an area of ​​375 feet, priced at 6.81 million yuan, discount about 5.96 million yuan.

He said, together with the first fiveIn addition, the remaining 311 members of Kai Tak No. 1 (II) are sold for sale, and only 20 members of Kai Tak No. 1 will be sold for sale. The 8th units of Kai Tak 1 (II) Low Block will be sold in the form of tender.

Liu Yinglin, director of the Central Plains Kowloon, said the region has reached 13,000 HKD of land prices, that Kai Kai 1, the unit price is only 18,000 yuan, more than the second-hand price of 16,000 HKD off nearly 20% discount, I believe the developer is Times the price for the starting price, have the sincerity to push the unit. The price of the users and investors are surprising price, coupled with the project next season can be occupied, more attractive to users. Moreover, the fifth seat to provide large units, with less supply area, have a certain appeal.

Yi new first batch of nearly 12 times

On the other hand, Lai new in Mong Kok Yi new first 98 group last night, the news that the cumulative 1,246 votes, 11.7 times the excess registration. The group is scheduled to be sold tomorrow, of which 6 will be given priority to Lixin Group staff.

Feng apartment price plus push 45 partners

Fung resources responsible for the sale of Kwai Fong fai yesterday to raise prices plus push 45, the average price of 20,000 HKD per square foot, to the maximum discount rate of 11.65%, the average price of 17,670 HKD per foot, compared with the first batch of the average price of 15,971 $ 10% higher.

Feng Shiyuan Director Zhou Shixiong said that since the introduction of the market since the launch of the ideal response to meet the demand yesterday to push 45 partners, an area of ​​244 square feet to 398 square feet, open to two rooms, priced at 4,764,000 to 8,371,000 yuan, Open units folded real admission 4.193 million yuan. News that the real estate has received more than 500 votes to have launched two batches of a total of 100 folks, more than 4 times.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.