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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Nov: Average price per sq feet $12048 0.89%   (last month:$12156)
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Public housing sold 5 million again, Hin Keng Estate became a King.


Hong Kong Wen Wei News (Reporter Su Hong Qiang) recently closed the new high-priced housing prices, so that the market uproar, then not finished yesterday, then the price of public housing. Tai Wai Sheung Dao Village recorded $ 5 million (upgit) on the previous month to tie in the record of the most expensive public housing in Hong Kong this year. At this point, the first four "public housing kings" in Hong Kong are occupied by the New Territories public housing estates, and $ 440.5 million (premium) cases recorded by Chai Wan Fung Wah Estate in the urban area in 2015 have been pushed to fifth place.

According to the Land Registry data show that the village is obviously high-level 12 rooms, the effective area of ​​531 square feet, priced at 5 million HKD (has doubled) changed hands, equivalent to 9,716 HKD per foot price. (The premium) record, so that in the village of "Hong Kong public housing estates"; but it is worth noting that the transaction The unit area is smaller than the previous "public housing area" (544 square feet), so the price is higher than the latter. And the original owners in May 2014 to 3.2 million HKD (has been premium) to buy, holding over 3 years will be transferred, during the period a substantial appreciation of 56%.

Blue Bay Peninsula Rent 50.5 HKD high

The other side of the car, private housing rents climbing. Centaline Property Li Weining revealed that the 5-storey high-rise H-room of the Siu Sai Wan Bay Blue Bay Peninsula has a usable area of ​​323 sq ft and the owners will be leased out at $ 16,300, equivalent to an average of $ 50.5 and a new high. Owners in 2015 to 4.8 million HKD to buy units for rent use, holding 2 years, the rent return of 4.1%.

AVA 128 feet rent 73.4 HKD comparable to luxury

Market news refers to the Xizang real estate single building nano-real estate AVA 128 middle B room, the effective area of ​​177 square feet, even the furniture to 13,000 HKD leasing, foldingFit to rent 73.4 yuan, you have a public Kowloon station on the ho ho real estate. Owners in 2012 to 4.36 million purchase, the rent return of 3.6%.

Semi-real estate Tsuen Wan Universal Bay hit a new high price, the Central Plains Zhang Zirong said, Universal Bay 2 high-rise E room, the effective area of ​​759 square feet, is a three-bedroom suite plus storage room interval to 12.05 million HKD to sell, 15,876 yuan, foot rate hit a new high house. The original owner in 2014 to 8,396,000 HKD single-handedly buy units, hot strokes loose immediately sell goods, the book appreciation of 44%.

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