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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jul: Average price per sq feet $12188 0.82%   (last month:$12089)
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Genova promote more property, 229 square feet sold $3.65 million


4 units unit fare increase 2% fastest this weekend sale

Hong Kong Wen Wei Yuko Genova YOHO Genova sales to maintain the ideal, yesterday, another push 69 groups, including the group in the new case after the introduction of the smallest, an area of ​​only 229 square feet of the unit The The open units with 61 square feet platform, admission fees priced at 4.348 million yuan, after the discount price of 3.652 million yuan, about 16,000 HKD per square foot. In addition, the real estate by Ma On Shan white stone birthday to the new king, this time from the suspension of the sale area Star Lianyuan 10 groups of 4 units, and threatened with 20% increase in space.

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder said PARK YOHO Genova yesterday to push the 69, including 62 groups of households and seven groups with the platform characteristics of households, and yesterday began to vote, the fastest scheduled sale this weekend. Project sales of more than 400, cash more than 3 billion yuan.

New: price adjustment by floor

Xindi, general manager of the new manager Chen Hanlin added, is the push of the 4 groups of 4 units, the fare increase of about 1% to 2%. As for the last two groups of open units are also included in the sub-price list, while the other units according to the floor and landscape and adjust the price. According to the price list, the introduction of the unit area from 229 square feet to 1,061 square feet range, the smallest area units for the 15B Block and 16A seat with the platform characteristics of households, with the area of ​​229 square feet open units, 61 square feet platform, priced at 4.348 million HKD and 436.4 million, to 16% discount, the discount price of 3.652 million and 3.666 million yuan, about 16,000 HKD per square foot. Among them, the former is the admission unit.

New Zealand executive director Guo Jihui once said that its new real estate unit area at least about 250 square feet, will not build "too thin as the shoe box unit" for the group building floor set "minimum standard". However, in the past year, the new unit is the more the more subtle, Nanchang station Xi Xi the smallest open units only 267 square feet, for the urban railway cover the finest new real estate. The PARK YOHO Genova has now opened the opening of the unit, the area fine to 229 square feet, to take into account the platform 61 square feet to reach the new "minimum standard", is also a new land since 2013, the entry into force after the development of the smallest residential units The

As for PARK YOHO Genova yesterday to sell 9 sets of platform features households, the news that the unsold units. In addition, the Wharf and Nam Fung in the Peak Mount Nicholson the first phase of the tender tender on the 18th house, closed yesterday, and will be based on internal procedures to review the details of the tender.

Star Li Hai this stop off the sea 4 housing

In addition, the real estate investment director Guo Zewei said that in view of Ma On Shan Whitehead latest residential land price hit a new high, the Group decided to resort to the area of ​​Xing Lihai reluctant to sell the strategy, today suspended the sale of the original available for sale of 10 groups in the first Block B of the sea 4 room units, some will be retained to the present sale of the floor, when the material with 20% increase in space. The project has so far sold more than 200 people.

On the other hand, there are no further developments in Cheung Kong's new real estate, Tsuen Wan Sea Love and Hyatt US transactions. The two transactions are expected to be fixed by a total of $ 1.2591 million. Units sold on the 15th of this month, including 3A Block 39 floor D units, the transaction price of 15.633 million yuan. Another unit for the 3B 50 floor A unit, the transaction price of 9.594 million yuan. As for the Hengxi Xiying real estate Hanlin Feng also recorded transactions without progress cases, from the five 19th floor, E units, originally on the 15th of this month to 68.63 million HKD sold, expected to be developers to kill 343,000 yuan.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.