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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jul: Average price per sq feet $12188 0.82%   (last month:$12089)
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Hi to build 8 sets of bulk cargo up to split 10%


New real estate sales slow down developers to break through

Hong Kong Wen Wei Bao (Reporter Liang Yueqin) face the introduction of new real estate supply overwhelming, purchasing power is digested, sales slowed down, began to reduce the price of developers promotions; at the same time second-hand reduction in the transaction, the property market seems to be a new change. Lixin development in To Kwa Wan yesterday to amend the price order, of which 8 and three months ago compared to 3.8% to a maximum reduction of 10%, foot price from 19,376 HKD to 24,293 yuan, hoping to speed up the goods. Market participants pointed out that the new real estate market has recently "food stagnation" situation, to weaken the bearing, but the follow-up development is the transition or consolidation, remains to be seen.

The property yesterday announced the reduction of 8 groups, of which 5 are practical area of ​​300 square feet to 316 square feet of open units, the remaining three groups were a room and two housing units.

Which is the highest rate of reduction is the third floor of the J room with platform units, the practical area of ​​514 square feet, and even 385 square feet platform, the original pricing price of 12.23 million yuan, yesterday to 11.77 million yuan, the price reduction rate of 10% The

Pan Ruimin: adjust the price of passenger

To 25 floor, A room, for example, the price of the price from April this year, 6.454 million HKD to 6,123,000 yuan, the price of 19,376 HKD per square foot, however, a high 26 floor, A room, the same area last year, The price of only 5828000 yuan, in other words, now 25 floor A price of a room price is higher than the price of a layer on the price, showing the new price early this year, Lai new price.

A total of 209 units, announced in September last year, the first batch of orders, the sale has sold 186 units, the project is expected to enter the fourth quarter of next year, that is, there are more than a year long flowering. Senior Vice President of Lixin Development Pan Ruimin accepted Hong Kong WenhuiReported that the reporter said that the hi building there are more than 20 companies for sale, the adjustment of some units to adjust the price is the market strategy, hope that the market focus, increase the attractiveness.

He admitted that the recent sale of too many new real estate, selling relatively slow in the first half, but I believe that purchasing power has not changed, the demand is still strong, confidence in the property market, also refers to the price of each period will be due to market conditions to make up or Under the adjustment.

He also said that the other group in the Mong Kok Keelung Street, the new property has been uploaded to the new book, the next week there are news that the project is building demonstration units, will also study the market like the payment method, the target customers, including on board and change Housekeeper.

Mong Kok Yixin is building the position

Yat new 138 groups, most of which are open units, and a small amount of 1 room fine units, the practical area of ​​157 square feet to 312 square feet. Including the "odds" of units out of the scale, less than 200 square feet of units are more than a thousand square feet platform; and the smallest open units only 157 square feet, excluding the kitchen, bathroom, activity space only 89 square feet.

Love Hyun US sold 164 partners two rooms

In addition, Cheung Kong yesterday, the sale of Tsuen Wan sea love. Love show the United States 22 large units, sales also see slow down. Cheung Kong real estate senior business manager Feng Hailun said, the sea of ​​love. Love-hyun last morning to sell a new batch of 22, as of 2:30 pm yesterday, sold 3 groups of 3 rooms and 3 groups of 4 households, cash more than 100 million yuan, the average price of about 18,000 HKD to 19,000 yuan. News that sold 7 days a day, the sales rate of only 32%.

However, the real estate investment director Guo Ziwei still stressed that the stock market sentiment hot, led the property market investment climate also warming, the sea of ​​love. Love the United States tonight to sell 164 partners two housing yesterday cut the votes, the recent increase in the proportion of investors, about 30% of investors, compared with the previous round of sales of about 20% surged more than 10%. The news that the real estate accumulated about 1,800 votes, 10 times the excess registration. He revealed that the real estate next week will update the price, will cancel the 4 car parking options.

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