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Three countries run for Langhao Square


The price of 25 billion more than six months ago, the valuation rose nearly 2 times

Hong Kong Wen Hui News (Reporter Yan Lun Le) Ying Jun Group's crown Jun Industrial Trust, earlier commissioned by the first Pacific Davis to the principal agent on the office of Langham Place, Mong Kok office for global tender, September to October cut. First Pacific Davis Greater China Chief Executive Officer Li Weiyun said yesterday that the project intention price of 25 billion yuan, foot price of more than 35,000 yuan, frankly the target customer is the mainland consortium, initially 2 to 3 Chinese have expressed interest, are "State-level enterprises", the next 1 month to 2 months to Beijing and Shanghai to consult with them, is expected to be completed this year, the transaction.

According to the annual report of the Champion Industry Trust in 2016, Langham Square office office as of the end of last year's property value of only 8.477 billion yuan. If the intention of yesterday to 25 billion HKD to calculate, that is, just six months time, the value of the project a full appreciation of nearly 1.94 times.

Eagle Jun Group coincided with the occasion of the war, the crown Jun Industrial Trust has suddenly announced that it will sell the office building in Langham Place, Mong Kok, it is inevitable that the two things to make the association. Earlier Eagle Jun Luo family has been opposed to the sale of Langham Square, asked if there is any contact with the opposition, Li Weiwen said: "I am employed by the owners of the crown champion, and not the Department of Eagle behind the staff, the most important The official announcement of the Air is a good rumor.

You are not allowed to sell for sale

Mr Lee said that the project was a landmark commercial building in Mong Kok and was the second highest commercial building in Kowloon. It was 255 meters high and looked around the whole of Hong Kong. There are few skyscrapers who can sell the whole building. Due to the high height of buildings in Hong Kong , The number of future skyscrapers is also a small number, so the intention of the project price will reach 25 billion yuan, foot price of 35,000 yuan. Check the information,If the intention to sell the price, is bound to break the 2011 Kowloon Tong another city project 18.8 billion HKD the most expensive single commercial project cost record.

The project is now selling to a single buyer, not for sale, Li Weiwen described the project "unique", foot price to sell 35,000 HKD is quite reasonable. He does not deny that "my target customers wish to be a Mainland agency and a Mainland customer to buy a landmark property in China and my property is suitable for use." He also admitted that the Mainland had a foreign exchange control measure. Some mainland enterprises have difficulty in financing, must be in Hong Kong or overseas financing channels of the mainland enterprises.

"Think nonbank buyers will succeed"

However, he stressed that in addition to Chinese, foreign funds or local consort also have the opportunity to be interested in the project, but the project involves a huge amount of investment, I believe that the ability to meet the number of consortia. "I think non-bank buyers will buy it successfully because the banks are sure to buy at the financial center. The Langham House can only be a logistics base, which is a difference in the headquarters of the bank. But for the brokerage firms, state- There is no problem with the oil company. "

He also pointed out that the project should not be based on the current valuation to calculate, should use the potential of the future appreciation of the project and the rare to price, but also to the earlier to 50,000 HKD per foot floor price of the purchase of Murray Road business Official land, as well as Nan Fung to the floor price of 12,800 HKD per month to buy Kai Tak commercial officer to compare, that if not calculate the future value, not the land price. He added that the average price of 35% to 40% of the average office space for the sale of high-quality lots in the past was "the whole sale".

70 million square feet of office an annual turnover of 320 million

The Langham Square complex covers office buildings, shopping malls and hotel sections. According to the annual report of Chancellor, the company currently holds the Langham Place office and the Langham Place mall, which is principally engaged in the sale of property and office buildings. The rent rate for the past five years has been 99% to 100% (100% in 2016). Last year, the rental income was $ 327.7 million, up by 6.1% year-on-year,

According to the first Pacific Davis, the project is about $ 50 to $ 70 per month. Li Weimin believes that the future purchase of new buyers, after buying will be part of the floor for personal use, the remaining rental, the expected future rental of the project to 70 HKD to 70 HKD per foot, the rate of return to 3%. It is worth noting that the project was sold in 2005 4 layers, so now only 55 layers for sale, that is part of the tender, the total floor of 702,900 square feet, each floor about 17,000 square feet.

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