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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12108 2.87%   (last month:$11770)
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Kai Tak days atlas low market price push plate


The first push 165 a room 545 million admission

(Reporter Liang Yueqin) for the suction source, Jian Hao Group's Kai Tak Tianhuan announced yesterday to 10% below the market price of the first batch of 165 to provide up to 18.5% discount, fold the average price of 17,888 yuan, one room Fold real admission of 545.56 million.

Jian Hao real estate investment manager Zheng Zhirong said, Tianhuan offer more than the same area with the new real estate real discount price of 22,000 HKD has two percent discount, is shocking price, later push the "100% increase." The project will be available for sale at the fastest next week, but will be reserved for some units to buy only one group of buyers, the first batch of 165 business figures worth about 1.7 billion.

The first units include one and three rooms, with a usable area of ​​335 square feet to 851 square feet, priced from 6.694 million HKD to 22.882 million yuan, the price range of 18,321 HKD to 26,888 yuan. The most flat entry unit for the days of the sea 3 3 C room, practical 335 square feet a house, priced 6.694 million yuan, discounted 5.4556 million yuan, 16,285 HKD per square foot. The most flat price per square meter for the days of the sea 2, 3rd Floor, E room, practical 468 square feet two room units, priced 85.74 million yuan, discount price of 698.78 million yuan, 14,931 HKD per square foot.

The developer does not provide a loan

Zheng Zhirong pointed out that the Group's financial resources are very healthy, but taking into account the different needs of buyers and affordability, this time did not provide a one-click for buyers, only 25% of net property prices, but also the first price is very confident , Is expected to increase property prices by 5% this year.

Is the first day of the first round of the average price of frozen foot, more than the home in March this year, the sale of Long Yu's first average price of 19,808 yuan,Nearly 10% lower. However, with the real estate adjacent to the Jiahui, in February this year, the first batch of average price of 17,998 HKD comparable.

Centaline Asia Pacific vice president and president of the residential sector, said Chen Yongjie, Tianhuan first year than the same district this year, the sale of new real estate about 10% discount, expected to attract nearly 10,000 tickets. Developers are clearly adding to the fare increase, in the same period under the new real estate competition, is expected to increase will not be too much, I believe that 5% to 10% of the market acceptance.

He pointed out that Tsuen Wan's love of the West Sea and Kai Tak days have been offer, and the price is also very competitive, the market source is sufficient, is expected to create a win-win situation. If the two properties are sold this month, it is estimated that the monthly volume of the month can be recorded about 2,500.

Midland Real Estate Chief Executive Officer Bu Shao Ming said that the first units in the day than the current area of ​​the new real estate prices have nearly 20% discount, the potential to stop the market a large number of purchasing power. The first batch of units to provide 1 to 3 housing units, coupled with the price of seats, is expected to warm response.

Less than 1 year to sell nearly 2 thousand guys

Kai Tak is the main battlefield in recent years, last year in August to March this year, less than a year, there have been China Overseas Group Co., Ltd. Kai Tak 1, II, Ka Wah Kerry and Poly Real Estate Longyu 4 new real estate Debut, it is estimated that a total of about 1,990 full sale, the total amount of money expected to reach 19.6 billion.

Excluding the days of the world, the area this year debut of the new real estate there will be the deployment of Wheelock deployed in the third quarter of Mu Ning Street on the 10th, the project provides 648, apartment layout from open to 4 room interval, , Is still pending wholesale pre-sale of floral paper.

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