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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12118 2.96%   (last month:$11770)
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The first batch of Ocean Pride near second-hand price to sell


A room up to 558 million Aberdeen up to 85%

Hong Kong Wen Wei Bao (Reporter Liang Yueqin) face a lot of new real estate supply in the area, Cheung Kong and MTR cooperation in the Tsuen Wan West Station Ocean Pride yesterday announced the second quarter of the second quarter to launch the first batch of 216, folded average Price of 15,772 yuan, more than the beginning of this year, the first batch of units in the new world Baoyao Bay, the average unit price of only 15,183 HKD high 4%, a room collapsed 5.588 million HKD admission. (5.25%) is reduced by 1%; construction period payment is provided by the designated finance company to provide 85% of the total amount of the financial institution, One press, or 30% two press.

Cheung Ching Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong described the price of "Sweet Heart", the first price of the sea price over the market price, is three months ago, Tsuen Wan price, as the price has been set in three weeks ago, plus a partner, So there is no price change. Based on the market conditions up, the future is good opportunity to push, the price will be "100%" upward adjustment. He also said that the Group was well-capitalized and that the HKMA had asked banks to tighten the proportion of developers' loans and had no effect on Cheung Kong. The real estate starts tomorrow.

Zhao Guoxiong: plus "100%" increase

Cheung Tung real estate investment director Guo Zewei said that the first batch of 167 people Ocean Pride distributed in the first 6,7 and 9, the unit pricing 69.85 million HKD to 2,598.7 million, the price of 15,593 HKD to 22,819 yuan. Among them, one room to four bedrooms unit discount fees were 5.588 million yuan, 680.9 million yuan, 915.6 million HKD and 18.86 million yuan.

Guo Ziwei means that the payment can be provided with 70% of the designated financial institutions, the first three years of supply is not for this, the full interest rate for the P (5.25) reduced by 1%; construction period payment is given by the designated financial company to provide 85% by one, or 30% two press, another 30% two press.

Midland Real Estate Chief Executive Officer Bu Shaoming said that the first batch of Ocean Pride unit price is lower than the area of ​​second - hand price, is bound to freeze the market second - hand purchasing power. Cloth less Ming said that the project price, the second-hand owners of the region although there is no price reduction, but part of the project to see higher prices for bamboo shoots, sell goods for the floor to increase, bargaining space widened, I believe that by the price of zero before the bargaining situation Increased to 3% of the agenda, and is expected to lead the area to put real estate volume.

Midland: District owners to increase the price of space

The Central Plains Asia-Pacific Vice-Chairman, Mr Chan Wing-jee, said the Tsuen Wan Ocean Pride Phase 1 offer was about 10% lower than the market price, which could record more than 10,000 tickets. Also said that this month has recorded more than 340 single-handed transactions, is expected to have 1,800 to 2,000 cases in the month.

Located at the west of Tsuen Wan West Station, Ocean Pride, in two phases, all 2,406. This sale is the first issue, providing 970 partners. As early as 2012, the land price of $ 4,309 per square foot of land is $ 9,391 million, which is estimated at a cost of about $ 8,800 per foot. The cost of the first batch of $ 15,772 Look, the developer is profitable.

In addition, the new land in Ho Man Tin Tsui a yesterday plus push 26, the average price of 32,836 HKD per foot, fold the average price of 29,717 HKD per foot, priced from 2,520.5 million to 8,873.5 million. The prices of the individual units were also adjusted, with an average increase of about 5%.

Hanlin Feng into a buyer from the mainland

In addition, Henderson Land in the West Wing real estate Hanlin peak the day before the sale of the first batch of 268, has been sold about 85%, together with the previously sold five groups of domestic purchase units and 1 group of tender units, sold a total of 233, Cashed about 1.8 billion yuan, the average transaction price of 28,170 HKD per foot. Henderson Property Agency (1) General Manager Lin Damin said that the sales unit recorded about 10% of the buyers for the mainland residents, the Group is actively deploying the next round of sales work.

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