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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12118 2.96%   (last month:$11770)
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The land of Murray Road break the record, sold $23.3 billion


Had to beat the eight consortium floor price per square foot over 50,000

Hong Kong Wen Hui News (Reporter Yan Lun Le) Hong Kong to sell the market to reproduce the astronomical record. Real estate developers Henderson Land yesterday to 23.28 billion yuan, per square foot floor price of more than 50,000 yuan, defeated eight consortium to vote in Central Merlin Road commercial, both residential or commercial, regardless of land prices and foot prices, are Hong Kong The most expensive in the history of land sales has become Hong Kong's "true king" and is also about 4.3% higher than the market consensus. "We are passionate about Hong Kong and have full confidence in Hong Kong's prospects," said Mr Lee Ka-shing, Vice Chairman of Henderson. "The total investment is estimated at about $ 26 billion and built in 2022. The new king turned out, the market people expected near the commercial property prices rose 10%.

2022 built to build a new landmark on Hong Kong Island

Vice Chairman of the Standing Yuan Li Jiacheng said yesterday that the company will build the project into the IFC (State Center) after another landmark commercial buildings, built for Grade A office buildings and shops. He thinks that the price of land auction is reasonable because the demand for office space in Central is very high, the vacancy rate is very low and the rent is very wide. The location of the land is in full swing and can be reached on the subway Central Station and Admiralty Station. Three parks, the project is expected to be completed in about 2022, with a total investment of more than 26 billion yuan.

Murray Road land can be built 465,005 square feet to the price of 23.28 billion yuan, the floor price per square floor of 50,064 yuan, compared with the market expectations of 48,000 HKD per foot and then expensive 4.3%, Commercial land price of the old record of Tsim Sha Tsui Middle Road on the 15th of 13,800 HKD per foot. And the total price of land is also recently only to more than 16.8 billion HKD to become a residential king of Ap Lei Chau Lennon Road can not be expected, whether residential or commercial, Regardless of the price per square foot or the total land price, Murray Road land for the local government to sell the highest in the history.

This time Hengde vote really super hand, the project closed on Friday when the tender received nine tender, in addition to constant land, a public "big sand" such as Cheung, new land and so on the earth eyeing, and the recent investment The other "big sand and the sand" new world also set the letter set, Shimao formed a consortium competition. Other consortiums include Nam Fung, Wheelock, China, Central and so on, and so on.

And the new world suddenly look back to the prospects

Looking for information, as one of the four leading real estate developers in Hong Kong, Hengdian past the official sale is not aggressive, in recent years, the winning land "five hand index was sun". Residential areas, from 2010 to 2015 only through the Hong Kong ferry bid for a residential land, 2015 attitude began to respond positively, nearly two years to buy two Tuen Mun residential land, 3 total of about 6.744 billion yuan. Commercial area, had only in 2014 to 46.88 billion HKD to vote in Tsim Sha Tsui Middle Road on the 15th land.

As for the new world, the last six months also spent up to 11.8 billion HKD to vote for two commercial port of Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong to return to the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the big day, the two "big sand" suddenly positive, no wonder there are market participants think Is the first step in the pace of local developers to buy gold, and optimistic about the future prospects of Hong Kong. And this time the new king turned out, is bound to further boost the property market, it is estimated that near commercial property prices rose 10%. It is worth mentioning that he said, "We are passionate about Hong Kong and have full confidence in Hong Kong's prospects," he said, adding that "Chairman Li Zhaoki and Henderson Group have been engaged in real estate development in Hong Kong for more than half a century."

Gao Li International Asia Valuation and Advisory Services Deputy Managing Director Zhang Qiaochu earlier valuation of the land amounted to 22.32 billion yuan, the most close to the market price of the valuation. He expected yesterday that the project will be completed in the future after the rent of up to about 170 HKD to 200 yuan, comparable to the gold center. According to the information, the average size of the Yangtze River is about 160 HKD and the average rent of the international financial center is about 180 yuan.

The data show that Murray Road Commercial Land was formerly known as the ICAC headquarters and is now being used as a 10-storey government office and public car park. The landlord is required to build a public car park within the scope of the project. If the parking lot is located below the ground floor, the application may not be counted into the gross floor. Prohibit the sale of the terms.

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