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Private housing rents hit a record high


Less than five HKD rent real estate summer vacation is growing trend

Hong Kong Wen Wei Lun (Reporter Yan Lun Le) property prices rose to the peak of the occasion, although the rent is relatively slow, but also recently rose through the history of the peak. According to the new lease agreement of Centaline Property, the effective area of ​​107 large private residential estates in April this year recorded an average of $ 34.3, up 0.6% month-on-month and a record high for two consecutive months, Month rose, the cumulative increase of 13.2%.

A senior co-director of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Department, Mr Wong, pointed out that the first quarter of Hong Kong's significant increase in GDP reflected a continuous improvement in the economic environment. According to the government recently announced that the first quarter gross domestic product (GDP) year on year growth of 4.3%, better than the market expected 3.7%. The economic outlook is relatively optimistic, will help attract foreign workers to work in Hong Kong, tenants are willing to increase rental expenses in exchange for a better living environment, favorable rents continue to rise steadily.

Rose 13 months tired 13.2%

According to the bank's data, the average rent in April recorded 34.3 yuan, up 0.6% from March's 34.1 yuan, and rents rose 13 months, up 13.2%. And then in March before the rent has risen 34 years after the record high, the two consecutive months of the monthly increase of 0.6%, a steady and moderate increase. Summer leasing season is approaching, students and parents to increase the demand for rent, I believe that rent increases before the summer is expected to expand.

In the top ten blue-planned housing estates, the rents of the eight estates have increased, with the largest monthly increase recorded in the village of apricot and the monthly increase of 36.5 HKD in April. Huangpu Garden rose 1.8%, the South Horizon rose 1.7%, Taikoo Shing 1.5%, Shatian first city rose 1.1%, Jiahu Villa rose 0.9%, Mobil Village rose 0.6%, Lai Hong Kong City rose 0.3%. In the top ten estates, the Sceneway Garden and Kornhill Garden recorded a decrease of 0.3% and 2.9% respectively.

In fact, after the Midland's "rent chart" also came to a similar result. According to the statistics of the "Chart of Rent", the average usable rent for April is about $ 34.93, up by about $ 4 per month, up by about 1.2% on a monthly basis, the highest in nearly eight months. Rents since February this year, after the break, the trend continued upward, continuing record highs.

Midland Real Estate Chief Analyst Liu Jiahui pointed out that if the first four months of this year cumulative, private building rents have risen about 3%, the performance was significantly lower than the same period last year fell about 1.7%, and the first four months of this year, 7 years after 2010, a new high over the same period

On the other hand, according to the analysis of tenancy cases caused by Midland Realty, the proportion of residential rental cases with a monthly rent of $ 15,000 or less in the first quarter was higher than that in February, up from about 4% in February. However, the trend then slightly down, even down two months, to about 37.8% in April, a record low of 4 months. The industry is convinced that the reason is that the rental of less than 15,000 HKD to reduce the rent, and the rent continued to rise, so that the relevant ratio of rental cases down.

Mainland students rented Sha Tin Center

Is about to enter the summer vacation, a lot of mainland students have been the first to rent the unit. Recently, the source said that the owners of Sha Tin Center earlier this year to buy Sha Tin Center Haining Building, high-level D room, the newly rented to the mainland students, fog rent high see 47 yuan. The unit area of ​​378 square feet, the principle of 2 rooms, the owner after the purchase of re-converted into 3 rooms, recently to 18,000 HKD leased out, practical salary of 47.6 yuan, the rent level and the city of Qi Qi. Tenants for the three mainland girls, one-time payment of one year rent, involving 216,000 yuan. If the owner of 5.238 million purchase price, the return of 4%.

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