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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12118 2.96%   (last month:$11770)
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Tianyi up to 21%


Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Zhang Meiting, Liang Yueqin) new real estate sales, developers Qi Qiu. The new site will increase the fare increase of 21% for the three tents of Kowloon Station. Swire Properties will also raise prices of 3.5% to 5.5% for two houses in LITULE WHITESANDS. The new world sold a 3,198.8 million HKD to the underground garden unit at Sai Kung Clear Water Bay in Sai Kung, with a foot price of $ 22,620 and a record high in the Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay area.

Newly, there will be a fare increase of 3% for the three seats in Kowloon Station. The three groups are located in the first floor of the 11th floor of the 11th floor, which D room 4 housing the largest increase, an area of ​​1,422 square feet, the price from 6,987.2 million increase of about 21% to 8,454.5 million, the price of 49,136 HKD Raised to $ 59,455. As for the B and C rooms, the fare increase is 18%. The latest prices are $ 47.222 million and $ 90.575 million respectively. The price is $ 68,141 and $ 65,908.

WHITESANDS two houses more than 3.5%

Swire Properties also charges two houses of WHITESANDS on Lantau Island. Of which the number 19 houses, an area of ​​2,586 square feet, the price from 69.959 million HKD fare increase of about 5.5% to 73.171 million yuan, up to 28,295 HKD per square foot price. 21 villa area of ​​2,598 square feet, the price is from 6,831.4 million price increase of about 3.5% to 70.723 million yuan, the price of 27,226 HKD per square foot.

Proud of the price of more than 22,000 Sai Kung high

New World in Sai Kung Clear Water Bay proud of the second round of the tender offer 47 partners yesterday in the cut, sold 13 groups (of which 2 groups are associated with rooftop, 4 units with underground garden special households), the unit price of 1,694 million to 3,917 million yuan, a single day cash more than 340 million yuan; of which 11 underground practical 1,732 square feet with underground garden A room to 39.178 million HKD sale At $ 22,620 per square foot and a record high of $ 3 per sq ft and Clear Water Bay. It is reported that buyers include celebrity family members. Proud of Takako after two tenders, sold a total of 22, cash a total of 580 million yuan.

Sea love upload sales book next week offer

In addition, Cheung Ching is located in the heart of Tsuen Wan West Station yesterday, the sale of books, plans to offer the next week, and the sale within the month. Cheung Tung real estate investment director Guo Ziwei said that the first batch of units will include six C rooms 4 room Wang Wang, a period of the most sea units, the Group also provides buyers with a press and two by a maximum of 85%, and the project is expected to promote The total cost of nearly 100 million yuan, for the new example of the Group to promote the cost of new high-tech real estate. Ricardo CEO Liao Weijiang said that in order to strengthen the project soft marketing offensive, the company has arranged two mobile promotional car, in the district to implement roadshow, will put about 300 million publicity.

The project is divided into two phases, the first phase has five residential units, involving 970 units, of which 1 room accounted for 160, the practical area of ​​370 to 393 square feet; 2 rooms accounted for 328, the practical area of ​​496 to 519 square feet; Accounting for 443, the practical area of ​​734 to 799 square feet; 4 rooms accounted for 39, the effective area of ​​1,113 to 1,149 square feet. It is expected to be completed in September 2018, and the length of the building is about 16 months.

Henderson Property Agency (1) General Manager Lin Damin said that the West Wing real estate Hanlin peak today will be added, involving at least 65 to 100, the expected number of votes more than 20 times. According to Bu Shaoming, Chief Executive Officer of the US Department of Housing, 60% of Hong Kong Islanders and 30% to 40% of the total number of tickets were estimated to be 80 to 90 HKD , The rent return of 3.5%. Due to the sale of new properties for sale this month, so in May will become a "new real estate month", the market purchasing power flocked to the single hand is expected to rise to about 2,500 level.

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