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Hanlin peak two days received 900 votes over 13 times


Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Yan Lun Le) new real estate market focus on the recent real estate in the West ring Hanlin Feng, developers yesterday made it clear that the project will be today to push the second price list, involving at least 63 groups, and will slightly increase, Two days and then push the third price list, in other words, next week, the second floor of the real estate sales can be about 200 people on sale that day.

Hanlin Feng currently only announced the first sales arrangement, to be opened next Tuesday 63. Hengda business (a) general manager Lin Damin yesterday, taking into account the latest addition and will push the unit, the initial plan next Tuesday Building real estate sales the same day, the building can have about 200 sale of real estate. He also disclosed that Hanlin Feng has recorded about 900 subscription registration, according to the published sales arrangements of 63 groups, more than 13 times.

Two days a total of 1.5 million people visited the crowd

Project recently began to vote, to attract a large number of prospective buyers into the ticket, the day before the opening of the exhibition hall to visit the demonstration unit, yesterday scene to see the scene market, the peak of more than 100 people waiting for admission. Mr Lam said that the number of visitors to the first day of the day before yesterday (Saturday) was about 5,000, and there were 7,000 to 8,000 from yesterday to 3 pm. It is expected that the total number of visitors will be 15,000.

Today announced the second price will increase

He added that since the beginning of the registration, Han Linfeng began to accept the registration, Saturday and Sunday recorded about 900 registration, the company is actively considering the push, the second price announced today, according to the current registration of the intention of the table, open The popularity of the unit is high, accounting for about 75% of the registered person, interested in buying 1 room accounted for 25%, so today will push more time to launch more open type. He also stressed that the increase will increase, but the increase is slight.

And then another one to two days, that is, the middle of this week, the project will be added to push the price of 3, the upcoming push of the second and third price list are inclined to next Tuesday (May 16) on the same day , So it is expected that the official sale of the day, the project can launch about 200 for the purchase. He analyzed, because the floor of the property network is ideal, attracting a lot of "want to address" prospective buyers, there are prospective buyers are optimistic about the location of real estate near the central business district, so that the project is more popular open units The

The most flat unit of 195 feet fold 472 million

Hanlin Feng last week offer, the first price of 130 involved, the effective area of ​​195 to 427 square feet, the main open to 2 households, the first unit price of 4.976 million HKD to 1,186.1 million, about 23,000 HKD To 32,000 yuan, the average effective area of ​​about 27,500 HKD per square foot, Hengtai is to provide 120 days for 4% with 1% special discount, taking into account the maximum 5% discount, the discount price of about 472.72 million To 12,167,900 yuan, folding real price of about 22,000 HKD to 30,000 yuan, the bulk of the average price of 26,100 HKD per square foot. The most flat units from an open apartment, the area was only 195 square feet, but the real fee is still 4.2772 million yuan.

Due to the past two days the weekend holiday market no large new real estate for sale, only sporadic first-hand goods new sale in the sale, the new real estate transaction situation was satisfactory, two days together only about 50 transactions, and 53 cases last week. Which in the new land of Tuen Mun Park Royal volume of the most, two recorded 20 transactions, including a single day on the floor of the building has sold 19 partners, mainly due to yesterday, a group of 23 battalion of the number of units yesterday, Out of 19 units to calculate, that is, single-day sales accounted for 83% of the available units.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.