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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12118 2.96%   (last month:$11770)
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Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories has goods to sell


The Federal Reserve next month or raise interest rates three thousand new real estate within the month to drive

The US Federal Reserve has raised its rate hike to 94% in June, with at least about 3,000 new flats in May coming from Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. Among them, the Far East development of Sha Tau Kok Shang Cheng first batch of 110 people today on sale, Hengde's Xiying real estate Hanlin Feng days offer, Cheung Kong's Tsuen Wan sea and Jian Hao real estate Kai Tak new property Tianyuan short-term fast upload Sales book, and the new land is also planned at the end of sale Yuen Long PARK YOHO Genova.

Hengda business (a) General Manager Lin Damin said yesterday that the West Wing real estate Hanlin peak offer days, the first batch of about 130, pricing reference to other Hong Kong Island real estate, the first unit price of starting price will be 5 million HKD , Mainly to attract market focus. The project demonstration unit will be open to members of the Fair today and will be open to the public tomorrow. The main building of the open and a home, there are four top-level characteristics of households. As the midline Hong Kong Island lacks such small and medium-sized units, he expects to be able to attract school outlets, core business district office workers and collectors to the city.

Hanlin peak fast price days to the next week to send books

Hengdian and Jin Chaoyang Group commissioned the Central Plains real estate exclusive agent Daokeng Jun Ju 16 units, separated by 1 bedroom and 3 rooms, the area from 333 square feet to 558 square feet, stratified unit price price from 1,007 million To $ 22.33 million, from $ 30,240 to $ 40,030. Centaline president, Asia Pacific Vice-President Residential Mr Chan said that the unit rented material up to 80 feet or above.

The other side of Kowloon, a real estate investment manager Hao Jian Zheng Zhirong said Kai Tak Tianhuan fastest within the next weekIn addition to reference to Kai Tak, the project will also refer to the Kowloon Station, Nanchang Station and other MTR along the property, hope to "surprise price." The project consists of high and low seats. Among them, 747 flats are available for more than 70% of open space and 1 to 2 rooms with an area of ​​232 sq ft to 504 sq ft.

He also pointed out that the US interest rate hike would pose a heavy pressure on the property buyers in Hong Kong. Due to the favorable sales of new properties in the same district in the near future, the demand and funds are now sufficient and the import is still low. The property market is expected to support the property market 5%.

Sea Love plans to offer next week

Evergreen real estate investment director Guo Ziwei said, Tsuen Wan sea love days upload album, next week offer, the first batch of about 200, the project from May 4 to 10 roadshow. A total of five projects, one to four rooms per unit area from 370 square feet to 1,149 square feet range.

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Deputy Managing Director Thunder said Yuen Long Kam Tin North PARK YOHO 2A period officially named PARK YOHO Genova, is now stepping up the deployment of pre-sale of uncompleted materials will soon be approved, the fastest sale by the end of May, yesterday to the Held a roadshow in Tsuen Wan on the 14th, with 683 projects. He pointed out that PARK YOHO 1 had a hot response last year and had sold about 95%, involving nearly $ 1,000, bringing about $ 6.5 billion.

Xindi agent Chen Hanlin, general manager of the project has been made occupation of paper, is expected to join the end of March next year.

New land to continue to have a real estate push

In addition, the Thunder revealed that the Group in 5,6,7 months have a great opportunity to sell the third floor, in addition to PARK YOHO Genova, the North Point Hai Xuan, Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds is also actively deployed to sell.

In addition, the new land in Yuen Long Kam Tin Erlan earlier part of the unit to increase 14%, is still the market to undertake. According to the single-handed residential sales network show, Erlang Luo Luo Si Avenue 3 underground complex households, an area of ​​1,393 square feet, buyers to 21.68 million HKD to buy, the price of 15,567 HKD per square foot.

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