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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12108 2.87%   (last month:$11770)
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Even the birth of the New Territories accommodation Wang Baoying price per square foot broken million


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) catch the bus crazy tide blowing more strong, straight up prices, such as HOS flats in the New Territories to rise like a helicopter, born again HOS "flat king." Bauhinia Garden in Tseung Kwan O GF market recently to 10,909 per transaction price per square foot, TKO to become the first million-breaking price per square foot green table HOS cases. Coincidentally, Tuen Mun accommodation is also chasing behind, Glorious Garden Green Table price per square foot has rushed 6,757 HKD to Wang Ying Tuen Mun HOS buyers fear the Owner price, but he has a plane ticket please send custom agents went to Germany.

Bauhinia Garden in Tseung Kwan O at the end of the Habitat II was recorded at a market price of 9,876 HKD traded foot cases, boarded the "King of HOS flats in the New Territories", separated by less than a month estates "break through the self." Centaline Property Wujin Ji said the Bauhinia Garden 5 senior G room, utility area of ​​484 sq ft, two atrial septal mining, south to enjoy the sea, the initial price 4.85 million yuan, and then increase to 5.28 million HKD is still eligible for the buyer to undertake, equivalent feet price of 10,909 yuan, the cost of creating new housing estates green table with two high-aside, price per square foot in the new Territories are not refreshed premium HOS record, older records into a sharply higher and posted the third most expensive in Hong Kong. So far, Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories Green Form HOS flats have appeared feet ten thousand HKD price deal.

As the original owners in 2007 to 1.428 million HKD (not premium) to buy the unit, hold stocks for 10 years, the book profit 3.852 million HKD changed hands now leave the unit appreciated by about 2.7 times.

Tuen Mun Fu Kin 4 million SELL broken top

As for the New Territories East also appears to break the top of the case, the real estate Huangqing De Yi Xiang said Tuen Mun accommodation Glorious Garden 10 A high-level room, utility area of ​​592 sq ft, recently put the original owners Property will be eligible for about a month off favored areas HSLS to 4,000,000 (Free premium) changed hands, equivalent to the price per square foot to 6,757 yuan, the highest in Tuen Mun HOS green tablePrice per square foot new record high price first punch Estate 4 million HKD mark. Huang added that since the original owners work long stay in Germany, to assist the parties to promote the second transaction, the agent to send more special honor went to local custom, I am afraid that the Owner and the buyer price, are more willing to pay for the ticket agent money for early completion of the transaction.

Kingswood Estates 5.5 million changing hands new record high

Indicators private housing prices soaring synchronization, Centaline Property Wu Yaozu said Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai Maywood 8 A middle room, the salable area of ​​629 sq ft, with 5.5 million HKD changed hands recently, Chong estate property stratification standard units high, Ft 8,744 HKD equivalent price, price per square foot 3 bedroom units belong to set a new high. The original owners in 2010 to 2.45 million HKD to buy the unit, hold stocks gained nearly 7 per unit of 1.2 times.

Midland Xiong Jianming said Ma Wan Park Island 18 penthouses, the salable area of ​​about 611 feet, 7.7 million HKD to sell units, equivalent to the price of about 12,602 HKD feet, a similar new high courts. Buyer for the same area the owners, children need felt in the future independent space, it plans to change 3 rooms for personal use. The original owners in 2010 to about 3.968 million HKD purchase of such property, the property is resold once appreciated by about 94%.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.