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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12118 2.96%   (last month:$11770)
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Metro Town repossessed property more expensive $27 hundred-thousand


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Yan Lundu) The sources in the market is scarce, leading to the asking price of owner rising, more buyers to grab more property. Tseung Kwan O Metro Town 3-bedroom repossessed property,recently 5 groups potential buyers snapped. According to the agents, the inner of units is too old. originally, the owner set the price is lower than market price, hope to sell the property early. However, many group grab more property, the units more expensive than $267,000, which sold $9 million finally. Some experienced investors said, recently the rise of property, people will not sell the goods easily. The reason is "Sold out and cannot buy back". If there is good property in the market, people grab to buy property. Hence, sources in the market is decreasing in this month.

Midland sales manager Li Jiaming said, Room G, high level, Tower 8, Phrase 2, Tseung Kwan O Metro Town, which is repossessed property. The area of unit is 731 square feet which designed into 3-bedroom and enjoy the view. The owner original ask $8.733 million, which release 1-month. However, the sources in the market is decreasing, recently, 5 group of potential buyers grab the property within 2-3 days. The units more expensive than $267,000, which sold $9 million finally.It more than expensive than original price than 3%, the price per square feet is $12,312.

Ng Guan liu : People who has house " "to treasure them"

Holds more than 10 property, senior property investors Ng Guan liu interview with this reporter,admitted that although the rise in property prices, but has no intention to sell goods, all continue to put to rent. It is because buy the units again need to pay 15% stamp duty.Asked whether he will come to the market, he was noncommittal, said that he will follow the good property. He mentions that asking price of owner or repossessed property holder is very strong, come to market is very difficult.

He believes that the recent rise in property prices of power from Market demand for home use, but does not significantly increase the rent, rental units currently armed with no significant increase. For example, Kwai Chung Lung Building a high-level unit, the salable area of ​​452 sq ft, 8,600 HKD per month, while compared to the previous 7,600 HKD about 13% higher, but before the lease is two years ago, it is difficult to reflect the current situation.

In addition, the district high turnover heard, Midland Chen Weijie said Fanling, Block B, 1 middle, the salable area of ​​399 sq ft, two rooms intervals of about 4.49 million HKD changed hands, the price of about 11,253 HKD practical feet, the highest historical estates new highs. Buyer is an outside area with a home, supra address interval rate management, plus tight real estate sources, it was decided to undertake. Original owners in July 2012 to about 2.398 million HKD purchase of such property, is secondary resale book profit 87%.

Sunshine City price per square foot force 16000

Century 21 Goodwin Property Cai Bei said Ma On Shan Sunshine City Block J chamber top 02, the salable area of ​​338 sq ft, two-room space, put real estate for about 3 months, the original asking price of 5.4 million yuan, finally got home with exclusion 5.35 million HKD to undertake , price per square foot 15,828 yuan, the highest price of the estate feet high. Original owners in April 2013 acquired the site was valued 3.95 million yuan, the appreciation of the unit four years, about 35%.

Century 21 Goodwin Property Zhou Shuping said Sha Tin Ravana Garden Block 1 A middle chamber of the transaction, an area 645 feet, 3 bedrooms (1 set) interval seat to the northwest, with open gates to enjoy the river, is a front-line view of the estate households , the transaction price of 800 million, 12,403 HKD price per square foot, a record high price of the estate. Original owners in March 2011 purchase price of 3.2 million HKD on the site, so far selling book profit of 1.5 times.

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