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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2018 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12118 2.96%   (last month:$11770)
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"Paradise price per square foot," the 10,000 threshold for the first


Maywood broken into the top of the roof occupation Kingswood 25-year high

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) was seen as "paradise on the bus" in Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai, price per square foot for the first time rose through the million mark, "the threshold of heaven" higher and higher. Maywood even a top-level rooftop households, 10,045 feet high prices See yuan, hit a new high record estates occupation 25 years. In recent property market rally, many local owners have more than "back home", only half the cost price of both feet broken roof, can be described as frenzied media attention next month, but more come from the "paradise" and the passengers on the train farther.

Yesterday's news that is the second record auction price epilepsy unit, Block 2, located in Maywood even a top-floor rooftop units, a two-room space, the salable area of ​​441 sq ft to 4.43 million HKD changed hands, feet equivalent of up to 10,045 HKD price break to the end of the year recorded 9,592 HKD the previous record, and was up 4.7%.

97 top hand goods at a loss earned in recent times

Transaction records of the unit, confirmed the changing times and the property market ups and downs. According to Land Registry data show that the original owners in 2012 to 2.27 million HKD to buy the unit, hold stocks for about 5 years, 95% property appreciation. The owners of the predecessor in 1997 BUY HIGH, price 3.06 million yuan, while turnover was up 45% compared with this time in 1997.

In fact, the cost of Kingswood near record just last October to a record, almost twenty years, "Wu Dao return home," the stigma of a brush and empty. Retrieve information, when King Cove Block 2 a penthouse unit at a price of $ 12 million changed hands, becoming the most expensive estates units, breaking the 1997 Lynwood 1,085 ten thousand HKD a penthouse indoor record.

Many owners in early 1997 market highs, and after a hit by the financial turmoil, property prices linear interpolation does not make waterLess coming owners' boat ride "estates become" crab shipment center. " But in recent years, prices were up, within just six months recently, courts will break the record cost and price per square foot, price per square foot is broken top chain, reflect the existing epilepsy prices of even 97 times.

Kingswood Villas broken roof, in the same district HOS price per square foot rose first step already, more expensive than private flats. Sources, the lower chamber 11 Tin Lai Court, 212 sq ft of salable area, just 220 million (already premium) sold price of up to 10,377 HKD equivalent feet.

HOS same area more than 10,000 sq ft price

The original owners in 2004 to 320,000 HKD to buy, is estimated to have premium, hold stocks gained nearly ten years Unit 6 times.

Other courts have been record high turnover of new cases refers to Midland Lin Zhijian TKO Ocean Shores 17 senior C room deal, the salable area of ​​663 sq ft, the original owners of the original release Property price 9.5 million yuan, sharply raised 9.88 million yuan, after bargaining with 9.8 million HKD to sell goods, a layered three-bedroom units cost a record high price of 14,781 HKD equivalent feet. The original owners at the end of 2003 to about 3.277 million HKD bought is secondary resale appreciated nearly 2-fold.

Yu Ming Deng anti-price "six goals."

Yu Ming Court Cost HOS same district also recorded top broken, Century 21 Property Wei Shiliang said Prosperous Yu Ming Court Room 01 top traded, salable area of ​​644 feet, at the end of the original asking price of 5.8 million HKD put real estate, followed by the Owner to the price 6.1 million yuan, a few days ago, after bargaining to 6 million HKD (have premium) resale price equivalent to 9,317 feet yuan, becoming the first case of estates "six goals" (or 600 million) deal.

The original owners bought the site in 2011, when the price of 2.9 million HKD (have premium), holding the goods has changed hands six years, leave the book profit 3.1 million yuan, the appreciation of the unit more than doubled.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.