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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2017 Jul: Average price per sq feet $10546 1.78%   (last month:$10362)
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The deal of parking space of commercial building in July, which break the 14 month record


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Liang Yueqin) Centaline Property, Senior Associate Director Liang-liter pointed out that in July this year, commercial spaces and purchase agreements registered entries 9 and 104 million yuan, with the number of cases of a similar 10 June, compared with June but the amount of 1,727 ten thousand HKD rise sharply in multiples, and highest since May 2015 110 million HKD after the 14 month high.

Wanchai large registration record

Amount of registered substantial growth in July, mainly Overseas Trust Bank Building, Wan Chai, a basket of parking due to the registration push, worth 8,528 yuan, accounting for more than 80% of the registration month. The remaining amount higher registration cases include ring Yardley Commercial Building 2 parking registration, the total value of 6.4 million yuan. AXA Centre, Wan Chai and a parking registration, worth $4.6 million.

Partition statistics, based on the registration of large Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island July 5 and recorded 9,848 million, were unchanged in monthly amounts significantly higher than the 7.27 million HKD in June. 3 and Kowloon district recorded 4.9 million cases of the same number of the same month, the amount decreased by 18.3% compared with June 6 million. New Territories, a record and 49 million, compared with June 2 and 4 million HKD fell 50% and 87.8%.

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