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Ricacorp: industrial building this season sale maybe freeze


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Liang Yueqin) industrial building sale registrations last month remained at high levels in recent months, hovering around the 250. Ricacorp (work shops) estate BUSINESS Senior Sales Director Zhu Liang Heng outlook in the third quarter performance of industrial buildings, said that since the global economy is still uncertain, coupled with the recent frequent occurrence of accidents industrial buildings, the market for the market of the old industrial buildings attitudes become prudent, and therefore the sale is expected in the third quarter industrial buildings or in a stalemate, registrations may be slowed down.

According RICACORP (work shop) property resulting data were recorded in Hong Kong in June this year 248 industrial buildings Property registration than 267 in May, the month edged down 7%, dropped again in moving up two months later, but still the second highest since the past six months, that is the first half.

6 Yuegong Ha Property Save 7% on a monthly basis

In addition, more than billion in industrial buildings registered an increase, supported by gross registered June not fall 5%, was recorded $2.262 billion.

On property category for analysis, in groups of seven industrial buildings sale price registered among total registrations fall two groups, of which the decline in industrial buildings penny less than $ 5 million to $ 10 million, amounting to 41% from May 98 fell to 58 in June, last month became the lead to overall industrial buildings down the main cause of registration; As the number of cases registered within the group $ 10 million to $ 20 million, also down 20% to 26 .

However, the poles located in registrations ultrafine price of industrial buildings and industrial buildings billion yuan, the same report had significant increases; among those less than 2 million HKD last month recorded a total of 53 registered a monthly increase of 77%; and 1 billion or $ 5 or more total registered increase 4 times higher than in May, and the whole block, Yuen Long Hop Hing Building, involving 208 million HKD registered the most attention.

Benefit pointsThe largest increase in the demolition of Kwun Tong District

In relation to the line ten major industrial areas observed periodically for analysis, total trading volume registered decreases were recorded in seven districts, which in order to decrease the maximum area of ​​Wong Chuk Hang, only registered sale June 2, compared with May 5 plunge 60%; secondly, Cheung Sha Wan recorded in May were much "W668" registered high base, also fell 54%, reduced to 33 registered in June. In addition, last month recorded a higher number of registered cases in areas including Kwun Tong district has benefited from the divestment of industrial buildings floor, and recorded a 46 registered a monthly rise of 70%. As for the Kwai Chung regain maximum amount of the registration area, last month recorded a 49 registration, but down 6% on a monthly basis.

Zhu Liang Heng pointed out that due to the lag before the registration of industrial buildings in Kwun Tong floor divested will continue to have registered in July, it is expected that the number of cases registered this month industrial buildings can still be maintained at or above a level of about 250.

However, the outlook in the third quarter, as the global economy is still uncertain, buyers and sellers on the spreads will continue to see-saw struggle, coupled with the recent frequent occurrence of accidents industrial buildings, the market for the old industrial buildings into the market turned cautious attitudes, so expect the first three quarters of industrial buildings sold or was a stalemate, registrations may be slowed down.

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