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The price of huge Shop which in Mong Kok Giant rent shop in Mong Kok decrease 40%, Broadway give up to rent


After Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po (Reporter Su Hongqiang) retail downturn continued to drag core street stalls market conditions, the market has been found in cases of rent reduction, Broadway Electric months ago to give up Argyle Street, Mong Kok to renew the giant shop owners ruthless split into four leasing, month rent from $ 500 million to $ 2.98 million, compared with $ 4 million monthly Broadway now 25.5% lower.

Midland Pu Bao Changhua said Argyle Street, Mong Kok, 73 to 81 underground Acer Building, 4th floor, the owners currently 2.98 million HKD for leasing the site ground floor area of ​​about 4,384 feet, one on each floor to the fourth floor area of ​​about 5,158 ft., with a total area of ​​about 25,016 feet, in order to calculate called rent per square foot lease $119.

Ground floor to the fourth floor is now 4 million per month

It is understood that the current premises leased by Broadway Electric, now about $ 4 million per month, after the expiry of September this year, does not renew. And there are the shops by the "King of Toys" said Choi Hong Kong businessmen to hold, once called the news that shops rent up to 500 million, but has not been a new business lease, so far bid a reduction of 2.02 million HKD or 40.4%, and compared with Broadway rent now lower by about 25.5%. Bao Changhua continued finger, near Argyle 67 to 69 ground floor shops, since last July is leased by the Old Phoenix Bank Building, ground floor area of ​​about 2,000 feet, about $ 2 million per month, $ 1,000 per square foot lease.

Store trading value over the previous quarter 7.1 billion

According to Centaline Property data show that the second quarter of this year retail trade registered record amount of $7.113 billion, up nearly ninety percent compared with the first quarter of $3.751 billion. Centaline Property, Senior Associate Director Liang-liter pointed out that the focus of the market in the second quarter focused on shopping malls transactions, recorded a total of 10 shopping centers registered a total of 3.972 billion yuan, a substantial amount that outstripped the first quarter figures, and Created 2New high 7.814 billion HKD in the third quarter after three quarters of 015 years. The number aspect, the second quarter recorded 226, 23.5% qoq.

Monthly terms, the registration was recorded June 83 shops and 978 million yuan, increased by 23.9% on a monthly basis and down 61.6%; The number six consecutive months below the 100 level, the amount of the highest since February 2009 878,000,000 More than seven years after the HKD monthly high.

The first half of the amount of the fine registration fell Qicheng

According to semi-annual basis, the first half of 2016 recorded 409, six months fell by 57.7%. Since the first half of the monthly number of cases has been hovering at historically low levels, dragged half-year the number of registered cases of the same record since 1995, the lowest since records; record 10.863 billion HKD in the first half, according to the half-year fell 24.1%, and create since the second half of 2008 of 7.554 billion HKD seven and a half low.

As the first half did not divested retail project, so that the registration record fine amount was the largest decline, below $ 5 million, respectively, during the period recorded 180 and 358 million yuan, according to the half-year fell 70.2% and 73.4%.

East Main Street, ground floor 27 million changed hands

In addition, the first half of the New Territories were recorded much turnover malls that were recorded gross registered semi-annual growth. New Territories 112 recorded in the first half and $4.964 billion, down by half-year rose 78.3% and 22.9%. In addition, the continuation of trading shops livelihood zone, sources, Shau Kei Wan Main Street East 169 ground floor, valued about $ 27 million changed hands.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.