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The war of mortgage, buyer borrow which they can borrow


70% or above mortgage, 81% people need to handle 30 years debt

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po news (reporter Yan Lundu) this year, the Hong Kong property market weakness, coupled with the development of Contractors and Suppliers also through its mortgage finance companies, mortgage make war among banks intensified. Meridian Mortgage yesterday Midland Group, Central Mortgage and coincidentally launched ultra-low interest mortgage program, both full of interest rates as low as HIBOR + 1.5%, according to the actual interest rate of about 1.76% (most recent one-month interbank rate of about 0.256%) estimate is currently the lowest mortgage plan. But it is worth noting that in May by more than into several high mortgage rate of 45%, to a record high since 2008, the bank or mortgage war spawned into several more high mortgage appears.

Meridian Mortgage referral Operating Officer Cheung Hoi Hei said yesterday that turnover in recent years more and more small and medium sized units, many buyers at low interest rate environment, would tend to contractors higher LTV, "pay less down payment " He noted that nearly six years for mortgage interest only Hong Kong-based dime more. According to HKMA statistics and the bank, LTV distribution in May this year, the selection of more than LTV proportion rose to nearly 45 percent of the record high, reflecting the high number of mortgage plan to have a certain market demand.

The above-mentioned 45% share in the choice of 35.1% to 90% LTV , the choice of 9.8% LTV over ninety percent. In contrast selection or less LTV proportion fell to 55.1%, a record low. And even more worrying is that in May with 30 year mortgage customers accounted for 81.5%, while more March hit a record high of 83.3%, reflecting the prices are still at a high level, some owners like to take 30 years to pass 3 PCT stress test.

Nearly ninety percent of adults by

Weakening property market in recent months, even the developers also have introduced a number of ultra-high mortgage over customers, all business banks in the mortgage market has greatly affected the mortgage war imminent, several banks following the earlier launch of H + 1.6 PCT after mortgage deals yesterday in partnership with the American League Central with individual banks, with the introduction of all-time low rate of interest HIBOR + 1.5% of the plan, estimated to be currently on the market by the lowest income levels, interest rate caps lock same as the prime rate P-3.1% (P 5.25 PCT), and the same shall be linked to the high interest rate concessions.

CEO Midland Residential cloth less clear that recent new projects launched 120% high into several mortgage, but the behavior cases, the actual selection of the high cost number of mortgage customers only 10% believe that this type of mortgage is a "gimmick" more in actual fact on the floor real estate market is indeed more people pay attention to, so I believe there will still be a short time to launch the development of a number of ultra-high mortgage plan.

Low-interest mortgage war plus 1.5 % H

Cloth less clear added that recent British referendum off in Europe, but has little direct impact on Hong Kong property market, and may even make the funds into the property market, the property market stabilized. In addition, a recent analysis refers to the United States or will be delayed so the hike, cloth less clear prediction about the United States in August and September have the chance to hike.

And a survey of the line display, with the fall in property prices has been high, off the market also recorded a rise in the proportion of the mainland in the past three months, and in May this year rose 10 percent, since November 2013 since a new high of 30 months, and the primary residential market oriented.

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