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[The Cullinan(Phase VI)] Developer Launched First Price List at Average Sq Ft Price of HKD 29,098.

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【28Hse News】   【The Cullinan(Phase VI)】
Developer announced the first price list yesterday with 181 flats included and the average usable area sq ft price of them is HKD 29,098. Room K in 50th floor of building 21, in usable area of 435 sq ft, is HKD 12.837 million being the lowest, according to price list. Room B in 37th floor of 2nd zone of building 20 is in the highest sale price of HKD 68.13 million, of which the usable area is 1,437 sq ft. The first batch of 30 flats will be put on sale on Oct. 12th 2013 by draw lot after register. Developer supplies many privileges, including 3% discount for Sun Hung Kai Club Members, 2% discount for buyer who will not apply secondary mortgage when signing temporary purchase and sale agreement, and 9% discount for customer who will finish the deal on specified day after signing temporary transaction contract. So the total privilege will be up to 14% at the most. Besides, developer will return 70% of the stamp duty to mainland customers, who sign temporary trading agreement on or before Oct. 31st 2013 and will have finished the transaction with all stamp duty paid. While buyers, who sign temporary trading agreement on or before Oct. 31st 2013, can apply to specified financial institution for intergrade loan, which will be 70% of the due stamp duty at the most and in a term of 45 days since the transaction date, enjoying free interest if pay back before expiring date.