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Introduction of Happy Valley

Happy Valley
【28Hse News】  
Happy Valley was called Wong Nai Chung in old times means yellow mud river. It is located in south central of Wan Chai District of Hong Kong. Now here is one of the high-end residential area of Hong Kong and gathers many foreigners. The property price here is the indexes role in Hong Kong. There are also many high-end restaurants and hotels. It is also a place where many famous people and stars come. Many TV plays take Happy Valley as a background.


When 1840, British Forces had built military camp in Happy Valley but many soldiers died of pyreticosis infection and they were buried in the area of Wong Nai Chung. The military camp also evacuated later. The place turned into a graveyard since there were more and more British soldiers died here. The British called it " Happy Valley" which has the means of Nirvana.
When 1846, the British believed Happy Valley suit to hold horse racing and they found the Happy Valley Racecourse.
When 1904, Hong Kong Tramways connected to Happy Valley.
When 1978, Sha Tin Racecourse built and made horse racing a popular sport in Hong Kong. There are huge screen and many kinds of facilities in the racecourse. The Hong Kong Racing Museum nearby the stand displays the history data of Hong Kong Jockey Club and local horse racing. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of racecourse after the visiting of the exhibition hall, the cinema and gift gallery.

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Happy Valley takes the advantage of quiet with flourish. It is no pleasure houses here and will be more quiet and beautiful at night. Although the traffic dose not as convenience as downtown of Hong Kong Island north area, but it is more private here and attracting many famous people and stars living here.

Villa Monte Rosa

Villa Monte Rosa is located in No. 41, Stubbs Road. It has 73 layers and 252 meters which is one of the skyscraper in Hong Kong. The units supplied are more than 100 and all are large units above 3,600 sq ft in 4 rooms 2 halls layout. Happy Valley Racecourse can be viewed in bathroom. The structure of Villa Monte Rosa is high and thin with outside full of sky blue glass curtain wall. Strong will may make the building shake especially when typhoon days during summer in Hong Kong. Damper system was imported to deal with this problem and Villa Monte Rosa is the first residential building which has this system. The system controls the shake of the building in lowest level and supplies residents comfortable homes.

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The Leighton Hill

The Leighton Hill is located in No. 2B, Broadwood Road, The Leighton Hill in Happy valley and it developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties. It composed by 8 buildings in 39 floors and supplies 544 units. The buildings are in one line with impressive, elegant, unique design. The design idea came from noble palatial design using lot of colonnades and marbles. There are also many old trees and up to 418,000 sq ft of green space which takes more than 90% of the whole project area. The Leighton Hill also set up Supreme Management Services Limited to supply six stars hotel type service and it is the first luxury project which imports 24 hours concierge service.

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Lai Sing Ct ( It was rebuilt as luxury project and name "Serenade" currently)
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Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital is a private hospital with full subjects and more than 400 beds in Hong Kong. It is the subsidiary of Hong Kong sanatorium and hospital co., LTD and former was sanatorium found by some famous Chinese doctors and community leaders in 1922. The purpose was supply medical service for Chinese community and let them took care by private doctors. The hospital has 488 beds currently and supply 24 hours outpatient service. It is a famous private hospital in Hong Kong.


Cheung Hing Coffee Shop
It is located in Yik Yam Street of Happy Valley and is a historical traditional Hong Kong-style tea restaurant. The shop has serviced for more than 40 years. Thanks to the location, many famous people and stars come to the shop and make it famous. The foods include fresh butter toast, cream toast, pineapple bun, pineapple bun with cream, crisp egg tart, beef food, chicken cake etc.. The most famous food of the shop are coffee and milk tea (Hong Kong-style milk tea), mixture of coffee and milk tea. Cheung Hing Coffee Shop maintains the style of decades ago.It is difficult to find similar one in Hong Kong.

Amigo restaurant
Amigo is an old restaurant supplying high-end French food. The restaurant in Spain type design and uses classy wood for material. It is said that there many antique decorations and famous painting collected from around the world in the restaurant. What attracts famous people and stars' coming is the high privacy degree meal area.

The specialty: lobster soup
The appetizers: raw beef and pan fry goose liver is the most popular
The entrees: Restaurant recommends Yellow bacteria veal fillet, roast duck breast.
The desserts: They have many types. The most popular are wine cooking pancake and Wine cooking mango.

Marymount Secondary School
Precious Blood Primary School
Rosaryhill School
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

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