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Introduction of Stanley and Chung Hom Kok

Stanley Beach
【28Hse News】  
Stanley is an extension of the island with a quiet and beautiful environment located south of Hong Kong Island. The English name Stanley is in memory of Lord Stanley in 19 century. It is a historical place here because Stanley was military post of British forces and the administration center of Hong Kong Island during colonial period. Most of Stanley is surrounded by the sea and it is a low density residential zone, consisting mainly of garden houses with excellent sea views. Residents are mainly expatriates and wealthy.

Chung Hom Kok is a spacious and expensive residential area with many luxury low-rises with spectacular views over the South China Sea. It is located in west of Stanley of Hong Kong Island. Some of the villas here have pools and private yards. It has one of the best beaches in Hong Kong. Properties usually consist of low-rise apartment and townhouses with a magnificent sea view.

【Hot spots】
Stanley Main Beach
Stanley Main Beach has beautiful views. Golden fine sand around and blue sky join with sea line. It is a wonderful place to enjoy sunshine and beach. It is lively during holiday. People together make sand statues and take part in other water activities. After sunbath at noon, you also can enjoy the romantic beach walk in dusk. During Dragon Boat Festival, there boats competition which make the beach full of Chinese festival atmosphere. There are beautiful beaches, such as Stanley Beach, St. Stephen's Beach, Pak Sha Wan, Tung Tau Wan, etc. And Stanley East Bay which is one of " Hong Kong Eight Scenes" earned a beautiful name as " Stanley Morning Sunshine"

Tin Hau Temple
Tin Hau Temple is located in Stanley street. It has more than 600 years of history and is one of the longest Temples in Hong Kong. Tin Hau Temple is a place enshrining Tin Hau (Goddess of the sea ). Fishermen built the temple to pray for safe in sea. The temple still kept in original appearance after many repairs and now it become one of the tourist attractions. Tourists pray for safe life when they come Stanley.

Murray House
Murray House is a building has features of Victorian perion. The original location of it was Garden Road, Admiralty of Hong Kong and it was one of the military buildings when the British in Hong Kong. Murray House built in 1946 and was took down in 1982. But every bricks of it were numbered and kept until 1998. They recovered the Murray House in Stanley 1998. It is a milestone of Hong Kong protecting cultural relics and historic sites and also is the new scenery of Stanley. Murray House is an old Europe-style building with high end restaurant inside. It is a romantic place.

Stanley Market is a place you can not missed when you come Stanley. Because there are many booths and stores of various goods. There are many traditional art-wares, antiques, rattan articles, paintings and calligraphies, silk clothing and fabric also modern goods like sports dresses, postcards etc. It absolutely is a good place for buying presents and mementos. There is Stanley Shopping Centre in Stanley Market which has 5 layers and it is a new shopping mall. The feature of the Stanley Shopping Centre is it use fully open design to supply tourists wonderful scenery outside when shopping.

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Stanley is both popular among tourists and locals for shopping, swimming, and even eating. Feature restaurants, bars and sidewalk cafes stands many here. There are many kinds of foods such as the United States foods, Italy foods, France foods, Thailand foods, Vietnam foods and India foods. One Stanley main beach there are barbecue areas for tourists holding barbecue parties.

Start from exchange square in central:
City Bus: 6、6A、6X、260 New Bus: 66
Start from Cyberport: City Bus 73
Start from Grand Promenade in Sai Wan Ho : New World First Bus 14
Start from Tsim Sha Tsui: City Bus 973

Chang to city bus 629 in Admiralty Station

Green minibuses
Take 16 M or 40 of green minibuses in Tang Lung St , Causeway Bay


No.6 Stanley Beach is a rare seaside villa project located in the most superior and convenient place of Stanley. It composed by 10 new individual villas and each in southeast facing the sea view. People live here can enjoy the wonderful scenery of sky and sea. The villas use set-back model and have large outdoor space. The area of front and back garden also very large. The height of sitting room and dinning room is up to 15 feet. The master bedroom is above 12 feet height. In addition, the project take full advantage of wide land to set large diaphanously and ventilate parking layer and indoor constant temperature swimming pool. It is rare in same district. The former of the No.6 Stanley Beach is "Li An Ge" which was the villas former Xinhua News Agency received politicians and distinguished guests. And also was a place holding many banquets to receive famous people such as former governor Christopher Francis Patten, Baroness Dunn etc.

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